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14 March 2007
14. March 2007 Commercial Aircraft

Airbus continues Power 8 Dialogue with ECA

As announced during the previous meeting on February 28th, the Airbus Management team, led by Louis Gallois, President and CEO, and Fabrice Brégier, Chief Operating Officer, met again with the European Committee of Airbus (ECA) on Wednesday March 14th.

In order to further strengthen the dialogue with Airbus' social partners, Louis Gallois explained and re-emphasized the importance of the Power 8 plan.

Power 8 lays the foundation to create a new Airbus, more efficient, fully integrated and supported by a network of partners. It will allow Airbus to develop faster, produce at lower cost, share expenses and risks, and thus to better serve its customers.

During the session, the financial situation of Airbus, as well as the status and the next steps of Power8 were discussed, and the management responded to questions submitted by the trade union representatives.

"The discussions with our social partners are on-going and will continue in the coming weeks", Louis Gallois said. "They are a prerequisite to the way forward. It is our company culture to maintain a transparent and open approach. In parallels to the information and discussion at the European level, we are now preparing for the relevant national consultation and negotiation processes."

Airbus is an EADS company.

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