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06 November 2003
06. November 2003 Commercial Aircraft

Airbus delivers first A380 fuselage section from Spain

From Airbus' Plant in Getafe, Spain, the first A380 fuselage section designed, developed and manufactured by Airbus in Spain will leave tomorrow morning to Hamburg, Germany, in an Airbus Beluga aircraft special transport.

With this delivery, that has been celebrated this morning at the Getafe Plant with an event presided by the Minister of Science and Technology of Spain, Juan Costa Climent, Airbus has made a world milestone never achieved before, as it is the first time in the commercial aircraft history that a complete fuselage section for a commercial aircraft of more than 100 seats has been built in carbon fibre.

The dimensions, 10m long and 7 high, of this part of rear fuselage where horizontal and vertical tail planes fit, give by themselves an approximate idea of what the A380 means: the biggest commercial aircraft of the world, able to carry 555 passengers in three class standard configuration to 14.800 kilometers.

The most advanced technologies in carbon fiber manufacturing existing today have been used to manufacture this element, placing Airbus at the leading edge of this technology.

Airbus is a joint EADS Company with BAE SYSTEMS.

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