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15 May 2020
15. May 2020 Company

Digital Transformation becomes mainstream: Airbus digital teams join Engineering and Operations

Skywise And Digital Services Picture


After four years of exploration, incubation and industrialisation of digital capabilities, the Airbus Digital Transformation Office (DTO) has brought the Company mature, industrial-grade digital platforms such as Skywise, DDMS (Digital Design, Manufacturing & Services), Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics, Airlines Sciences as well as Internet of Things.

In order to embed these capabilities deeper into mainstream activities, and to ensure further full-scale deployment, it is time to transfer the teams and their activities, disseminating their lessons learnt, experience and mindset across the Company.

Since 2016, Marc Fontaine, Digital Transformation Officer, has developed Airbus’ ability to identify and capitalise on innovative, transformational technologies and business models. It started with a small team composed of a handful of talented experts, which eventually grew to become the driving force behind our transformation, boasting a digital community of over 12.000 employees across all functions in Airbus and more than 18 000 daily aviation users on the Skywise platform.

At this juncture, Marc Fontaine has decided to move on to other opportunities outside Airbus in the summer. Airbus thanks Marc for his strong contribution to the Company’s success over the years.


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