18 April 2019
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Our Values - We Are One -Teamwork

Values - We Are One

Our Unifying Value: We Are One/Team Work!

At Airbus, teamwork is vital for success. We feel, act and behave as one big team. In this article, we explore the We Are One/Team Work! value, and our collective mindset.  

We Are One is more than just our overarching value – it’s the backbone of our very philosophy. It captures our desire to foster an engaging and inclusive workplace; and our recognition that we are the sum of our collective talent.

With more than 134,000 people in our employed workforce, we are truly global, combining different cultural backgrounds. We believe that our diversity and different perspectives help us reach for new solutions and innovations. 

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The complexity of our work also means that we rely on team work – there are no ‘one-person’ jobs, but collaborative efforts. This value of unitedness helps create an environment where everyone feels connected, enabling a collective intelligence.

Our values are a journey, and looking to the future, we are constantly evaluating ourselves against them and seeking to improve. Our employees are always working to ensure a collective mindset is embraced at every level, breaking down silos across the organisation, to achieve more successful, collaborative results. 

At Airbus, it’s our goal to ensure everyone should feel that they can freely express their opinions and be heard with an open mind. We understand there is power in individuals, but will always believe there is a much greater power in collaboration and teamwork. 

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As our uniting value, We Are One concludes our introduction to the guiding stars that shape our pioneering work across Airbus. We hope they’ve been an enlightening glimpse into our culture – but we know there are many more values stories to share! Many thanks to Charbel Youzkatli, Francisco Escanellas, Geoff Purcell, Stewart Thomas, Dharmesh Shah, Aurélie Laize, Mina Bastawros who helped us in producing this awareness campaign, featuring all our Airbus values. 

You can learn about our values from more videos and articles on the Values page.


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