01 February 2019
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Our values - Customer focus

Customer Focus

Putting Customer focus at the heart of Airbus

At Airbus, we see our customers as partners. The value of customer focus drives us to deliver on time, on cost and to the highest level of quality. In this article, Charbel Youzkatli and Francisco Escanellas, two Airbus employees, share how the customer voice influences their work.

Customer focus is deeply embedded into our mindset. It is one of our six guiding values, which will each be explored in this new series of videos and accompanying articles. At Airbus, every one of us knows that our success goes hand-in-hand with the success of our customers; this keeps a spirit of partnership alight and drives us to act with integrity and achieve the highest professional standards.

Charbel Youzkatli, from Customer Services, agrees that customer focus is at the heart of everything Airbus does. Within his role, Charbel works to ensure that every employee can hear the customer’s voice, be it through ongoing feedback or organised customer awareness sessions. Listening to customers and understanding their needs is essential to developing solutions together. In Charbel’s words, “every day we are co-designing and co-creating with customers”.

An example of this value in practice is our pioneering Customer Lighthouse programme, which Charbel helped implement. It’s an exchange programme between Airbus and our customers. Airbus employees spend time working at an airline, and the airline employees come to us. It encourages a mindset of co-creation and collaboration.

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Francisco Escanellas is a Final Assembly Line Customer Manager here at Airbus. His objective is to deliver aircraft that directly correspond to customer needs. He sees his work as a partnership, built on mutual trust, where it is “vital to understand what the customer expects”.  He’s learnt over time that when a customer trusts him, work becomes easier and more rewarding for everyone.

As with all our values, we work together to continuously improve. Francisco has worked at Airbus for 17 years and has noticed how our focus on customers has strengthened, not just in the manufacturing lines where he spends most time, but in all areas of the business.


Francisco Escanellas, Final Assembly Line Customer Manager

As Charbel and Francisco demonstrate, our customer focus constantly drives us to deliver work of the highest standard. Thanks to both for sharing how it impacts their daily working lives.

If you’d like to find out more about the Airbus values, you can explore them further on the Values page.

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