19 December 2018
19. December 2018 Innovation

Airbus’ AIGym artificial intelligence challenge

Focus on time series analysis

This new challenge continues the Airbus focus on aerospace industry solutions using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Airbus AIGym – an online platform that proposes Airbus-specific challenges to be solved with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) – is launching its third challenge.  This latest cycle seeks to identify new and unexpected changes in the behaviour of monitored systems, as well as analyse suspicious behaviour for potential faults and failures more efficiently and more quickly.

The challenge’s goal is to search for top players in the field of anomaly detection in time series as well as to encourage the research community to tackle the issues related to data generated by the aerospace industry during operations and tests. The contest is based on three datasets coming from cases in the helicopter, satellite and commercial aircraft business domains.

Registration will remain open until year-end, with the challenge’s official kick-off set for the first quarter of 2019 with a first training phase. The second phase will be a shorter evaluation in the second quarter, followed by a restitution workshop organised in June 2019 that will complete the challenge.

Those interested in participating – companies, start-ups, research labs, schools or individuals – can register at: https://aigym.airbus.com

A collaborative platform to foster AI-based solutions

AIGym represents a new way of co-innovating by demonstrating the benefits of open partnerships and collaborative relationships in working on artificial intelligence beyond the aerospace industry.  

These challenges are designed for companies, research laboratories, universities, colleges and institutes, as well as individuals and teams. The goal is to share some of the aerospace industry data science obstacles and provide data sets to foster research and collaboration within and outside this exciting industry. 

Challenge participants have the benefit of accessing vast amounts of Airbus data and testing their models in real-life situations.

The two previous AIGym challenges also invited participants to tackle aerospace industry issues with the power of artificial intelligence. The knowledge extraction challenge was focused on solving industry obstacles in digitalization and knowledge representation of internal technical documents. The second challenge targeted automatic speech recognition of English-language air traffic control (ATC) communications, encouraging researchers to undertake standard audio transcription and call sign extraction to improve pilots’ cognitive workload.  

Airbus is at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming ubiquitous – with a presence across industries and technologies, machine intelligence facilitates work processes by reducing costs and boosting efficiency while augmenting employees’ work. It supplements human expertise, skills and knowledge – as well as improves decision making and reduces cognitive workload as a result.

Airbus is at the forefront in the development of AI technologies and solutions in the aerospace industry. For Airbus, artificial intelligence is not a niche technology – rather one that has the potential to affect and redefine all areas of the company’s business. Machine intelligence is no longer an exciting futuristic theory – it has applications at Airbus today and can be incorporated within existing and emerging Airbus digital products.

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