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30 June 2015
30. June 2015 Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space A330 MRTT selected by Republic of Korea

A330 MRTT refuelling

“Airbus Defence and Space is greatly honored for the A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport, powered by Rolls-Royce, to be selected by the Republic of Korea as its future air-to-air refuelling and transport aircraft after an open and objective competition.

This contract will also allow Airbus Defence and Space to establish a long-term and sustainable cooperation with the Korean industry, as already exist with other divisions of Airbus Group. We will carry out our contractual obligations faithfully and are looking forward to executing this programme in a timely and efficient way as we have done with other A330 MRTT contracts and to playing our role in the security of South Korea for many years ahead.

The decision means that the A330 MRTT has won every tanker competition (outside of US) since it entered the market and has now been selected by nine nations plus the European Defence Agency.”

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