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08 May 2009
08. May 2009 Commercial Aircraft

New payload/range capability for the A330-200


<br />New payload/range capability for the A330-200

The best-selling A330-200's payload/range capabilities will be further improved with the twin-engine jetliner's 5 metric tonne increase in maximum takeoff weight.

This enhancement was achieved without changing the aircraft's acoustic category or runway loading - meaning the improved A330-200 will be able to use existing runways and airport take-off slots without penalty.

New-build A330-200s will have the option of an extra 3.4 tonnes of payload or additional 330 nautical miles of range beginning in August 2010, and a retrofit package for post-February 2004 aircraft will be available from November 2010. For the retrofit, upgrading in-service aircraft should only take a few days for airlines to complete.

The increased range and payload will make A330-200s more productive, and also provide the opportunity to open up new markets. Boosting the jetliner's payload represents significant potential revenue increases on routes flown today, while the extra range will allow carriers to expand their networks. With its additional reach of 330 nautical miles, the A330-200 can help open up routes such as South America to northwest Europe, and China to the west coast of the United States - along with many others around the world.

To date, more than 550 of the highly efficient A330-200s have been sold, with over 340 currently flying with carriers around the globe. The A330-200 is part of Airbus' family of A330 twin-engine and A340 four-engine jetliners, which continue to be built at a sustained production of 8.5 aircraft per month - providing the volume required to meet worldwide demand.

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