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14 April 2008
14. April 2008 Commercial Aircraft

A new partnership with South Africa on computer-based simulation for next-generation aircraft


South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has become part of Airbus' global research and technology network, joining an effort to develop new computer-based simulation processes that will enhance the design process for future aircraft.

Airbus has joined forces with South Africa's Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) to conduct research into new technologies and processes in the area of computational fluid dynamics. This new partnership will complement the work carried out in the Airbus-led research and technology programme called "Future Simulation Concept," which is set to develop new computer-based simulation platforms to greatly enhance the flight physics design process for future aircraft.

This improved simulation capability will increase the power of fluid mechanics design processes by up to a million times, leading to significantly reduced product development lead times, as well as enhanced product optimisation.

The one-year agreement with CSIR - with an approximate value of around 130,000 euros - is focussed on researching and defining technologies in numerical modelling, which can bring an important contribution to the design of clean and efficient next-generation jetliners. Specifically, the work explores efficient modelling of multiphase flows and new simulation coupling techniques. The project forms part of Airbus' research and technology partnership with South Africa, which was launched with the Departments of Science & Technology and Trade & Industry in 2006.

Through this computational fluid dynamics project, the CSIR becomes a member of Airbus' global research and technology network. Aeronautics engineers from CSIR will help with the development of mathematical software intended to aid Airbus in its design and manufacture of next-generation aircraft aimed at providing a more eco-efficient means of travel.

CSIR researchers will be using capabilities of the Centre for High Performance Computing - a Department of Science and Technology initiative managed by the Council's Meraka Institute in cooperation with the University of Cape Town - during the research project.

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