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11 November 2005
11. November 2005 Commercial Aircraft

Airbus looks to expand the sales of its Airbus Corporate Jetliner family in the United States


The Airbus strategy to expand its executive jet/VIP market presence in North America has moved forward with the first U.S. order for an Airbus Corporate Jetliner.

The first U.S. order booked for an Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) marks a new step in Airbus' strategy to expand its penetration of the key North American executive jet/VIP marketplace.

Airbus' goal is to continue building its U.S. business base for the Airbus Corporate Jetliner family - which has reached the 50-order milestone with sales to customers in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

"We have become a recognised North American market leader in the airline sector, with more than 2,250 Airbus aircraft ordered by carriers and leasing companies in the United States and Canada," said Richard Gaona, the Airbus Vice President for Executive and Private Aviation. "Now that we have booked our first Airbus ACJ sale for a U.S. customer, we are committed to building on this success in the future."

Airbus has taken several steps to further strengthen its Airbus Corporate Jetliner support and advisory teams in the United States and has reinforced its sales organisation in North America.

In addition, Airbus has created an advisory board that brings together key corporate aviation personalities in flight operations, aircraft support, and cabin interior design. The board is chaired by Jack Olcott, President of the General Aero Company, who is a former President & CEO of the National Business Aviation Association. Other board members are Tom Davis, President of Atlantic Aviation; Charlie Ewers, Manager of Global Aviation Services for ConocoPhillips; Brett Lindsey, President of Studio RD; and Milt Hobbs, Director of Flight Operations for Cablevision.

"The board's goal is to help Airbus be an active participant in American business aviation by helping the company apply its vast experience for the advancement of safety and operations," Olcott explained. "We also are providing input that could assist Airbus as it finds the right fit for its Airbus Corporate Jetliner family in the U.S. market."

Airbus has a major presence in the U.S. through its vast network of more than 400 industry suppliers and partners, through which Airbus places approximately $7 billion of business that supports some 140,000 American jobs.

This extensive industrial network includes the Associated Air Center in Dallas, Texas, which is one of the four worldwide completion centres approved to work on the Airbus Corporate Jetliner. Associated Air Center has already completed four Airbus ACJs (including aircraft for the Royal Thai Air Force and the Brazilian Air Force), and has five more scheduled for outfitting through next summer.

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