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Helicopter key documents

Learn more about Airbus Helicopters and its global operations through the various documents available for download below. Do not hesitate to contact the Helicopter News & Media Relations team should you have additional questions.


Helicopter Global Market Forecast

  • 20-year helicopter civil market forecast – October 2017

    20-year helicopter civil market forecast – October 2017

    Airbus Helicopters presents its civil & parapublic market forecast perspectives from 2017- 2036. Find more information about the predicted size of the fleet, with breakdowns by helicopter type, geographical location and mission. Download File 2.38 MB

Airbus Helicopters 2018 annual results

Civil helicopters

  • H125_Backgrounder_Nov 2018

    H125 Backgrounder

    The latest member of the iconic “Ecureuil” family - The H125 is the latest member of Airbus Helicopters' renowned Ecureuil family, which, including both single and twin engine versions has logged more than 30 million flight hours. Download File 1.23 MB
  • H130_Backgrounder _Nov 2018

    H130 Backgrounder

    The H130, formerly known as the EC130 T2, belongs to the Ecureuil family of light helicopters. Download File 1.06 MB
  • H135 Backgrounder March2019

    H135 Backgrounder

    H135 Backgrounder Download File 0.55 MB
  • H145_Backgrounder_July2018a

    H145 Backgrounder

    H145 Backgrounder Download File 1.85 MB
  • H160_Backgrounder_October2018

    H160 Backgrounder

    The first of the H generation - The twin-engine H160 brings form and function together in a highly stylized rotorcraft, which integrates as many as 68 different Airbus Helicopters patented technologies in order to provide a step change in customer experience. It is the new benchmark for style, performance, economic competitiveness, maintenance, safety and comfort with a low environmental footprint. Download File 0.94 MB
  • H175_Backgrounder_Oct2018

    H175 Backgrounder

    The H175 is a seven-ton medium-sized rotorcraft, certified in accordance with the latest and most demanding regulatory requirements. Download File 2.63 MB
  • H215 Media Backgrounder

    H215 Media Backgrounder

    The H215 is a twin-engine, versatile and robust helicopter that combines advanced avionics and a reliable platform for rugged multi-mission capabilities. Download File 0.26 MB
  • H225 Backgrounder

    H225 Backgrounder

    Download File 0.25 MB

Military helicopters

  • H135 A global choice for military training

    H135 military training Backgrounder

    Download File 0.24 MB
  • H145M_Backgrounder_September2018a

    H145M Backgrounder

    Download File 0.81 MB
  • UH72A Lakota Backgrounder


    UH72A Lakota Backgrounder Download File 0.11 MB
  • H225M

    H225M Backgrounder

    The H225M is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and communication systems that reduce crew workload while enhancing mission capability and safety. Download File 0.11 MB
  • TIGER Backgrounder

    TIGER Backgrounder

    The Tiger was designed for both asymmetric warfare and symmetric scenarios with a full range of precision ammunition for air-to-ground and air-to-air combat. Download File 0.77 MB
  • NH90 Backgrounder

    NH90 Backgrounder

    The NH90 Partnership, while taking the best from the European Rotorcraft and Defense Industries, was developed in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters and Fokker. The NH90 was designed to meet NATO’s requirements for a modern medium-sized multi-role military helicopter, operable in land and maritime operations. Download File 0.24 MB


  • [Recipient]

    Racer Backgrounder

    Racer is a high-speed helicopter demonstrator currently being developed by Airbus Helicopters as part of the Clean Sky 2 research programme. Download File 0.24 MB
  • [Recipient]VSR Media Backgrounder

    VSR700 Backgrounder

    Developed by a joint venture between Airbus Helicopters and Hélicoptères Guimbal, VSR stands for Vertivision Surveillance Rotorcraft 700, for 700 kg of maximum take-off weight. Download File 0.1 MB
  • [Recipient]

    City Airbus Backgrounder

    Urban congestion, and especially traffic congestion, is becoming a more pressing issue for commuters in cities worldwide. Airbus is working to address this issue and to accelerate technological developments and public awareness of new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) transport modes. One of the current projects underway is called CityAirbus. Download File 0.23 MB


  • HCare Backgounder

    HCare Backgrounder

    As soon as an Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft is delivered, one of the company’s primary missions begins: providing the customer with the necessary support and services to carry out their operations efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. Download File 0.18 MB

Asia Pacific infographics

  • Asia Pacific Infographic

    Airbus Helicopters in Asia Pacific at a glance

    Airbus Helicopters has over 50 years of presence in Asia Pacific, with a strong customer centre network in countries including Australia (serving the Pacific region), China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore (serving 15 territories in Southeast Asia) and Thailand. Download File 0.96 MB
  • H135 in Asia Pacific

    H135 in Asia Pacific at a glance

    The H135 is one of the top light-twin choices in the civil and parapublic market, extremely popular for the emergency medical services sector. Over 1,200 H135 are in service globally, of which 180 are operating in the Asia Pacific region. Download File 4.17 MB
  • H145 in Asia Pacific

    H145 in Asia Pacific at a glance

    The H145 leads the light-twin segment of the civil and parapublic market. Close to 1,300 H145 are in service globally today, of which over 200 are operating in the Asia Pacific region. Download File 0.84 MB
  • AHID_Infographics_Dec2017

    Airbus Helicopters in Indonesia at a glance

    With over 40 years of presence in Indonesia, Airbus Helicopters offers a full value chain, supporting both governmental and civil customers. Airbus Helicopters owns 45% of the market share, with close to 170 helicopters operating in the country. Download File 0.67 MB
  • AHJ_Infographics_Sept2017

    Airbus Helicopters in Japan at a glance

    With in-country presence since 1967, Airbus Helicopters is the first foreign aircraft manufacturer to provide a complete range of helicopter support in Japan. Airbus Helicopters leads the Japanese market with 54% market share today. Download File 0.23 MB
  • AHPI_Infographics_Aug2017

    Airbus Helicopters in the Philippines at a glance

    With over 20 years of presence in the Philippines, Airbus Helicopters today represents 60% of the country’s civil helicopter market. Download File 0.28 MB
  • Airbus Helicopters in Malaysia at a glance

    Airbus Helicopters in Malaysia at a glance

    Incorporated since 2002, Airbus Helicopters today owns 54% of the market share in Malaysia. Download File 0.49 MB
  • AHK_Infographics_Nov2017

    Airbus Helicopters in South Korea at a glance

    Airbus Helicopters first made foray into the South Korean market in 2006 through a joint development of the Korean Utility Helicopter programme with local industrial partner Korean Aerospace Industries. Today, Airbus Helicopters offers comprehensive support to about 70 Airbus helicopters operated by customers in the civil, parapublic and military sectors. Download File 0.23 MB
  • AHT_Infographics_Sept2017.pdf

    Airbus Helicopters in Thailand at a glance

    With close to a decade of strong presence in Thailand, Airbus Helicopters accounts for more than 42% of the country’s civil and parapublic market. Download File 0.26 MB

Airbus Helicopters in Latin America

  • AH Latin America Infographic

    Airbus Helicopters in Latin America infographic

    Airbus Helicopters has been present in Latin American for over 40 years. With a fleet of 1,400 helicopters across the region, Airbus helicopters make up a third of the operating fleet in this area of the world. The Airbus customer centre network, with bases in Mexico, Brazil and Chile employs 1150 people and supports helicopter activities in 29 countries across the region. Download File 0.93 MB
  • Backgrounder-Latam EN

    Airbus Helicopters in Latin America backgrounder (English)

    Airbus Helicopters has been present in Latin American for over 40 years. With a fleet of 1,400 helicopters across the region, Airbus helicopters make up a third of the operating fleet in this area of the world. The company is the market leader in the region with 39% of the market share in the last 5 years. Download File 0.72 MB
  • Backgrounder-Latam-ES

    Airbus Helicopters in Latin America backgrounder (Spanish)

    Airbus Helicopters está presente en América Latina desde hace 40 años. Con una flota en servicio de 1400 helicópteros, los helicópteros de Airbus representan un tercio de la flota operativa actual. La empresa es líder en la región con una parte de mercado del 39% en los últimos 5 años. Download File 0.72 MB
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