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Key documents

Learn about Airbus and its global operations with backgrounders, reports, press briefings and other documents available for downloading below. These documents are separated into two categories: commercial aircraft and helicopters. 

Aircraft key documents

  • Airbus Commercial corporate presentation

    Airbus Commercial Aircraft Corporate Presentation - August 2020

    Airbus makes the freedom of flight possible by designing, manufacturing and supporting the world’s best aircraft. Learn more about the company with this presentation, which includes data on its commercial performance, innovation, employee diversity and much more. Download File 4.49 MB
  • Airbus Family Figures booklet

    Airbus Family figures booklet - December 2019

    This handy reference provides key details on Airbus’ modern and comprehensive product line, which includes the A220, A320, A330, A350 XWB and A380 jetliner families. Download File 1.73 MB
  • Airbus Summary Results 1989-2019

    Airbus Summary Results 1989-2019

    Review Airbus’ commercial results for the years 1989-2019, including information on orders, deliveries, backlog and more. Download File 0.04 MB
  • Airbus Commercial Aircraft Orders & Deliveries - 2019

    Airbus Commercial Aircraft Orders & Deliveries - 2019

    Airbus delivered a strong commercial aircraft performance during 2019, with 768 orders (net) and 863 deliveries in total. Download File 1.28 MB
  •  2019-2038 Global Market Forecast (GMF) Airbus commercial aircraft

    Airbus Global Market Forecast 2019-2038 - booklet

    Booklet Download File 4.9 MB
  • 2019-2038 Global Market Forecast briefing - Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer

    Airbus Global Market Forecast 2019-2038 - presentation C. Scherer

    The 2019-2038 Global Market Forecast briefing - Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer - presented on 18 September 2019 Download File 2.23 MB
  • 2019-2038 Global Market Forecast briefing - Bob Lange

    Airbus Global Market Forecast 2019-2038 - presentation B. Lange

    The 2019-2038 Global Market Forecast briefing - Bob Lange, SVP Airbus Business Analysis and Market Forecast - presented on 18 September 2019 Download File 2.35 MB
  • The Sustainability of Aviation

    The Sustainability of Aviation

    A Statement by the Chief Technology Officers of seven of the world’s major aviation manufacturers. Download File 0.53 MB
  • Airbus Commercial Aircraft-list prices 2018

    Airbus Commercial Aircraft price list - January 2018

    Airbus Commercial Aircraft-list prices 2018 Download File 0.03 MB
  • Backgrounder Airbus Commercial Aircraft A380 Customers list EN

    Airbus A380 customer list

    The A380 order table provides detailed sales information on Airbus’ 21st century flagship. Download File 0.1 MB
  • Backgrounder Airbus Commercial Aircraft A350 XWB Customers list EN

    Airbus A350 XWB customer list

    Sales information for Airbus’ A350 XWB is provided in this next-generation jetliner’s ordertable document. Download File 0.14 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A330neo-Customers-List-EN

    Airbus A330neo customer list

    Backgrounder Airbus Commercial Aircraft A330neo Customers List - EN Download File 0.12 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A330ceo-Customers-list-EN

    Airbus A330ceo customer list

    The A330ceo (current engine option) Family comprises five in-service members: the A330-200, A330-300, A330-200F, ACJ330 and A330 MRTT. Commercial information for this popular and versatile Airbus widebody product line is listed in this document. Download File 0.17 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A320neo-Customers-list-EN

    Airbus A320neo customer list

    Airbus’ A320neo Family is one of the fastest-selling product lines ever. Download File 0.2 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A220-Customer-list-EN

    Airbus A220 customer list

    Download File 0.11 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus Commercial Aircraft A380 Facts and Figures

    A380 Family Facts & Figures

    Key information on the A380 is provided in this document – including commercial, operational and performance figures; details on the comfort and efficiency offered by this Airbus double-deck jetliner; along with other fun facts. Download File 0.34 MB
  • Backgrounder Airbus Commercial Aircraft A350 XWB Facts and Figures EN

    A350 XWB Family Facts & Figures

    General information, technical data, production information, fun facts and more covering Airbus’ new-generation A350 XWB jetliner, which entered commercial service in 2015, are available in this document. Download File 0.23 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A330-Facts-and-Figures

    A330 Family Facts & Figures

    Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A330-Facts-and-Figures Download File 0.21 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A320-Facts-and-Figures

    A320 Family Facts & Figures

    Backgrounder Airbus Commercial Aircraft A320 Facts and Figures Download File 0.46 MB
  • Backgrounder-Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A220-Facts-and-Figures

    A220 Family Facts & Figures - English

    Airbus-Commercial-Aircraft-A220-Facts-and-Figures Download File 0.22 MB
  • Backgrounder Airbus Commercial Aircraft A220 Facts and Figures F

    A220 Family Facts & Figures - French

  • Airbus Environmental Policy Statement

    Airbus Environmental Policy Statement by Tom Enders, previous CEO.

    Our ambition includes a strong engagement on reducing our major environmental impacts, taking a life cycle perspective for sustainable Airbus business and growth Download File 0.05 MB

Helicopter key documents

Helicopter Global Market Forecast

  • 20-year helicopter civil market forecast – October 2017

    20-year helicopter civil market forecast – October 2017

    Airbus Helicopters presents its civil & parapublic market forecast perspectives from 2017- 2036. Find more information about the predicted size of the fleet, with breakdowns by helicopter type, geographical location and mission. Download File 2.38 MB

Airbus Helicopters 2019 annual results

Civil helicopters

  • H125 Backgrounder August 2019

    H125 Backgrounder

    The H125 is the latest member of Airbus Helicopters' renowned Ecureuil family, which, including both single and twin engine versions has logged more than 30 million flight hours. Download File 0.12 MB
  • H130_Backgrounder _Nov 2018

    H130 Backgrounder

    The H130, formerly known as the EC130 T2, belongs to the Ecureuil family of light helicopters. Download File 1.06 MB
  • H135 Backgrounder June 2019

    H135 Backgrounder

    The H135 is an unbeaten market leader in the class of light twin-engine multi-purpose helicopters. Download File 0.11 MB
  • H145 Backgrounder

    H145 Backgrounder

    The H145 is the most advanced member of Airbus Helicopters’ multi-purpose twin-engine category – logging a combined total of over 5 million flight hours and more than 1300 rotorcrafts in service worldwide for the family. Download File 0.6 MB
  • H160 Backgrounder

    H160 Backgrounder

    The twin-engine H160 brings form and function together in a highly stylized rotorcraft, which integrates as many as 68 different Airbus Helicopters patented technologies in order to provide a step change in customer experience. It is the new benchmark for style, performance, economic competitiveness, maintenance, safety and comfort with a low environmental footprint Download File 0.28 MB
  • H175_Backgrounder_Oct2018

    H175 Backgrounder

    The H175 is a seven-ton medium-sized rotorcraft, certified in accordance with the latest and most demanding regulatory requirements. Download File 2.63 MB
  • H215 Backgrounder

    H215 Backgrounder

    The H215 is a twin-engine, versatile and robust helicopter that combines advanced avionics and a reliable platform for rugged multi-mission capabilities. Download File 0.32 MB
  • H225 Backgrounder

    H225 Backgrounder

    The H225, an 11-tonne, twin-turbine rotorcraft, combines the ability to carry 19 passengers with heavy-lift capacity and excellent range to meet operators’ most demanding needs. Download File 0.29 MB

Military helicopters

  • H135 A global choice for military training

    H135 military training Backgrounder

    Download File 0.24 MB
  • H145 Backgrounder december 2019

    H145M Backgrounder

    The H145M is the latest member of the 4-ton-class twin-engine rotorcraft product range with built-in mission capability, most notably in high-and-hot operating conditions. This economical and versatile helicopter covers the entire spectrum of military missions, from light utility to light attack. Download File 0.13 MB
  • UH72A Lakota Backgrounder


    The UH-72A Lakota is a version of the highly successful H145 twin-engine rotorcraft family with built-in mission capability, most notably in high-and-hot operating conditions. Download File 0.26 MB
  • H225M

    H225M Backgrounder

    The H225M is equipped with state-of-the-art avionics and communication systems that reduce crew workload while enhancing mission capability and safety. Download File 0.11 MB
  • TIGER Backgrounder

    TIGER Backgrounder

    The Tiger was designed for both asymmetric warfare and symmetric scenarios with a full range of precision ammunition for air-to-ground and air-to-air combat. Download File 0.77 MB
  • NH90 Backgrounder

    NH90 Backgrounder

    The NH90 Partnership, while taking the best from the European Rotorcraft and Defense Industries, was developed in collaboration with Airbus Helicopters, Leonardo Helicopters and Fokker. The NH90 was designed to meet NATO’s requirements for a modern medium-sized multi-role military helicopter, operable in land and maritime operations. Download File 0.24 MB


  • [Recipient]

    Racer Backgrounder

    Racer is a high-speed helicopter demonstrator currently being developed by Airbus Helicopters as part of the Clean Sky 2 research programme. Download File 0.24 MB
  • [Recipient]VSR Media Backgrounder

    VSR700 Backgrounder

    Developed by a joint venture between Airbus Helicopters and Hélicoptères Guimbal, VSR stands for Vertivision Surveillance Rotorcraft 700, for 700 kg of maximum take-off weight. Download File 0.1 MB
  • [Recipient]

    City Airbus Backgrounder

    Urban congestion, and especially traffic congestion, is becoming a more pressing issue for commuters in cities worldwide. Airbus is working to address this issue and to accelerate technological developments and public awareness of new Urban Air Mobility (UAM) transport modes. One of the current projects underway is called CityAirbus. Download File 0.23 MB


  • HCare Backgounder

    HCare Backgrounder

    As soon as an Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft is delivered, one of the company’s primary missions begins: providing the customer with the necessary support and services to carry out their operations efficiently, safely and cost-effectively. Download File 0.18 MB
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