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The company underscored its position as a leading digital architect of maritime solutions

Airbus’ comprehensive solutions for maritime missions – which are fully aligned with the company’s slogan: “We make it fly” – took centre stage at Euronaval, the world’s largest international exhibition of naval defence technologies, held 23-26 October 2018.

The range of capabilities – developed across Airbus’ multiple business divisions – consisted of airborne systems, space-based solutions, unmanned air systems, command and control systems, secure seamless communications, smart intelligence centres and support services.

As a trusted supplier for maritime operators, a wide range of Airbus-produced solutions have been delivered to support every phase of the maritime surveillance cycle – including more than 145 fixed-wing aircraft, over 1,000 helicopters, 210-plus coastal surveillance systems, along with satellites and secure communications capacity. In parallel, Airbus is developing new-generation technologies that will lead the way during the next 50 years of maritime missions.


Key products showcased on the unified Airbus exhibit stand at Euronaval (booth #K124) included:

Euronaval 2018 was held at the Paris Le Bourget Exhibition Centre and marked the event’s 50th anniversary.

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Video Gallery

Best of Euronaval 2018      
A320 Neo and C295 Interview Fernando Ciria Bailo      
 Rifan 2 - Interview Louis Dominique Despretz      
Interview Emmanuel Joubert - Styris and Smart Maritime Centre Synergy      
Interview Geoffrey Proudlock - Secure communications maritime portfolio      
Interview Geoffrey Proudlock - SCOT model introduction      
Interview Olivier Pronier - Smart Maritime Centre      
Interview Dirk Hoke - 2      
Interview STYRIS (J-B Lopez)      
Visit AIRBUS at Euronaval      
Safer Oceans By Airbus Euronaval 2018      
Euronaval 2018 Teaser      

Photo Gallery

Euronaval 2018 – VR demonstration    
Euronaval 2018 – Latvian delegation    
Euronaval 2018 – VSR700    
Euronaval 2018 – French Parliament    
Euronaval 2018 – Airbus stand    
Euronaval 2018 – SCOTPatrol    
Euronaval 2018 – Chinese delegation    
Euronaval 2018 – Visitors from Egypt    
Euronaval 2018 – Smart Maritime Centre    
Euronaval 2018 – Airbus stand    
Euronaval 2018 – Japanese delegation    
Euronaval 2018 – Spanish delegation    
Euronaval 2018 – Kazakh delegation    
Euronaval 2018 – Algerian delegation    
Euronaval 2018 – Aliaca    
Euronaval 2018 – French Navy    
Euronaval 2018 – NH90 NFH    
Euronaval 2018 – H160M HIL    
Euronaval 2018 – VSR700    

Latest News on Euronaval

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French Navy’s surface fleet now equipped with RIFAN 2 secure intranet system

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Airbus to showcase smart solutions for safer oceans at Euronaval


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Discover more about Airbus CyberSecurity

Making our oceans safer

Making our oceans safer

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