ActInSpace challenge: 2018 winners bring space innovation to Earth!

ActInSpace challenge: 2018 winners bring space innovation to Earth!

Airbus-backed international contest promotes entrepreneurship and identifies new talent; winners announced at 27 June ceremony

As an international sponsor of ActInSpace, Airbus supports this international innovation contest that encourages young women and men to create space-inspired start-ups with the promise of improving citizens’ lives, boosting employment and protecting the Earth.

In this biennial challenge, participants are asked to apply satellite data – as well as space-sector patents and technologies – from Airbus, the European Space Agency (ESA) and France’s CNES space agency to work on real-life issues alongside business mentors and technical experts.


2018 winners and prizes of the ActInSpace innovation contest

ActInSpace 2018 Winners

1. Airbus Innovation Prize

Winners of the Airbus Innovation Prize receive pilot training sessions onboard an Airbus A320 simulator and a visit to Airbus 3D Labs and satellite integration facilities.

PT Explorers, Portugal: Spaceway

PT Explorers, Portugal: Spaceway

The PT Explorers team presented a space data relay network for Earth-observation satellites, reusing the OneWeb Arrow platform.

Insert Space, Singapore: Printed Propulsion

Insert Space, Singapore: Printed Propulsion

The Insert Space team developed a low-cost and eco-friendly solution for small satellite propulsion using a 3D-printed vaporising liquid microthruster.

2. Airbus Entrepreneurship Prize

Winners of the Airbus Entrepreneurship Prize receive €100,000 of satellite-derived data from the Airbus OneAtlas digital platform.

Alpha, Toulouse, France: Greenvest

Alpha, Toulouse, France: Greenvest

Team Alpha proposed a Greenvest application that is able to select the best renewable energy solutions for regional areas based on Earth observation and artificial intelligence.


About ActInSpace®

Designed for students but open to everyone, ActInSpace fosters entrepreneurship, encourages start-up creation and promotes the use of space technologies and space-acquired data. Organized every two years since 2014, the 2018 event saw more than 500 teams competing from across 35 countries with local contests in more than 70 cities. Teams with promising projects will go on to receive guidance from business incubators from Airbus and other ActInSpace partners to help turn the ideas into real companies.

The Challenges- by Airbus

ActInSpace is the only contest in the world that offers the chance to work on CNES and ESA patents. Airbus challenged participants to use space technologies to launch a startup with a real impact on daily life.

Click on the challenges below to learn more about each:


Improving quality of life in urban areas with Earth-observation satellite data

Leveraging the power of Earth observation and open sources data via machine learning

Intelligence for robotics space servicing

Invent the future of small satellites or new payloads for Airbus satellites and drones.

Invent future experiments or commercial uses for the International Space Station

Imagine an interplanetary exploration programme

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Innovation Manager - Airbus Defence and Space

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