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In 2020, Airbus demonstrated its resilience in a very challenging year for both the Company and the aerospace industry. The 2020 financial performance confirms that the set of measures put in place, has been effective and delivered an outcome in line with expectations. However, we continue to operate in a complex and changing environment and we expect that this volatile situation will continue to create uncertainties. In this uncertain situation, we have issued a guidance for 2021 which aims to provide some visibility. You can read more about our Full-Year 2020 disclosure on this Aeronotes edition and watch the replay of the Annual Press Conference here.

The agenda for the 2021 Annual General Meeting, which will take place on April 14th, was published in March and it includes resolutions such as the renewal of the Board mandates of Chairman René Obermann and three other non-executive directors.

On this edition you can also read about how Airbus is developing game changing techniques such as in orbit manufacturing and preparing the future aerospace technologies on board of its flight test platforms. While Airbus key technology has reached Mars on board of the NASA’s Perseverance rover, we continue to play a leading role in the ambition for sustainable aviation here on Earth. In line with this purpose, Airbus has become the first aircraft manufacturer to disclose the emissions produced by its products during their operation, the so-called “Scope 3 - Use of sold products”.

All in all, 2021 will be another challenging year for the industry. We continue to expect the market to recover between 2023 and 2025. Over the long term, our ambition remains to lead the development of a more sustainable global aerospace sector. Therefore we will preserve our ability to invest in decarbonised technologies in order to be well positioned to successfully address future challenges in a sustainable way.


Thorsten Fischer, 
Head of Airbus Investor Relations & Financial Communication
 Share price evolution (in %)
2020.03.31 to 2021.03.31
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
566 commercial aircraft delivered in adverse market environment
Financials reflect the early business adaptation and cash containment plan
FY revenues € 49.9 billion;
FY EBIT Adjusted € 1.7 billion
FY EBIT (reported) € -0.5 billion;
FY loss per share (reported) € -1.45
No dividend proposed for 2020
FY FCF before M&A and customer financing € -6.9 billion
Net cash position at € 4.3 billion
2021 guidance issued
AIRBUS Aero-notes  Airbus reports
Full-Year (FY) 2020 results
AIRBUS Aero-notes
  Guillaume Faury, CEO Airbus
AIRBUS Aero-notes
  AIRBUS Aero-notes
 “The 2020 results demonstrate the resilience of Airbus in the most challenging crisis to hit the aerospace industry. I want to thank our teams for their great achievements in 2020 and acknowledge the strong support of our Helicopters and Defence and Space businesses. I would also like to thank our customers, suppliers and partners for their loyalty to Airbus. Many uncertainties remain for our industry in 2021 as the pandemic continues to impact lives, economies and societies. We have issued guidance to provide some visibility in a volatile environment. Over the longer term, our ambition is to lead the development of a sustainable global aerospace industry."

Guillaume Faury, CEO Airbus
AIRBUS Aero-notes  Airbus updated production rates in response to market environment
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 In January Airbus announced the update of its production rate planning for its A320 Family aircraft in response to the market environment:
Production rates will remain lower for longer 
Single-aisle rates gradually increasing
No change to widebody production
 Sustainability Strategy
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Sustainability at Airbus means uniting and safeguarding the world in a safe, ethical, and socially and environmentally responsible way. We have a comprehensive sustainability strategy built on four core commitments, which guide our approach to the way we do business and how we design our products and services. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes   European space and digital players to study build of EU’s
satellite-based connectivity system
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 The European Commission has selected a consortium of European satellite manufacturers, operators and service providers, telco operators and launch service providers to study the design, development and launch of a European-owned space-based communication system. 
 Airbus publishes agenda for 2021 Annual General Meeting
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Airbus has published the agenda for its 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 14 April, with resolutions including the renewal of the Board mandates of Chairman René Obermann and three other non-executive directors. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes Airbus space technology reaches Mars
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 NASA's Perseverance rover has landed on the surface of the Red Planet with key Airbus technology on board. The MEDA meteorological station will provide scientists with valuable Mars weather data and the High Gain Antenna System will ensure a high-speed comms link with Earth for the duration of the MARS2020 mission. 
 An A350 fuelled by 100% SAF
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 The study of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)’s impact on the full scope of aircraft emissions has been few and far between. An Airbus-led project is looking to change that by conducting a series of flight and ground tests aimed at shedding light on the emissions performance of 100% SAF. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes The new digital factory, hundreds of kilometres above Earth
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Being able to manufacture and assemble objects in space using 3D printing and in-orbit robots may sound like pure science fiction – but these game-changing techniques are set to become reality…and Airbus is making it happen. 
 A flying laboratory for future technologies
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Flight testing is a critical step to analysing the maturity and measuring the performance of future aircraft technologies. Through its flight test platforms, Airbus Flightlab puts these technologies to the test. Today, the Flightlab team is focused on expanding its ecosystem to offer even more flight test platforms—including those from commercial aircraft and helicopters. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes The Coalition for the Energy of the Future unveils its first concrete actions
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Launched in late 2019, the Coalition for the Energy of the Future aims at accelerating the development of future energies and technologies to sustain new green mobility models and reduce the impact of transport and logistics on climate change. The Coalition is pleased to announce the first milestones to be reached in 2021. 
 Scope 3 disclosure
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 As part of its non-financial reporting, Airbus has extended its disclosure to include the in-use emissions of commercial aircraft delivered in 2019 and 2020 (Scope 3 - Use of sold products). In doing so, Airbus is the first aircraft manufacturer to disclose the emissions produced by its products during their operation. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes A new phase begins at Airbus Foundation
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 This year, the Airbus Foundation is embarking on a new phase in its evolution, a journey that began nearly two decades ago in 2008. Julie Kitcher, Airbus EVP Communications and Corporate Affairs and newly appointed Airbus Foundation Board Chair, describes the new vision, as well as how it ties into Airbus’ overall purpose. 
 COVID-19 vaccines in remote locations: Airbus helicopters rise to the challenge
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 The speed and extraordinary ability of helicopters to reach remote locations make them an essential component for accomplishing the last leg of the logistical challenge involved in distributing COVID-19 vaccines to isolated areas. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes AIRBUS Aero-notes

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