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AIRBUS Aero-notes AIRBUS Aero-notes

to Aero-notes 49, the Airbus newsletter dedicated to Individual Investors.

We’ve had an eventful few months since our last newsletter!

At the end of October, we release our 9m 2019 Results. You can see a snapshot of our results, as well as a quote by our CEO, Guillaume Faury, just below.

We had a highly successful 2019 Dubai Airshow, announcing new business for our widebody and single-aisle commercial jetliners while unveiling exciting initiatives aligned with the company’s commitment to a more sustainable aviation.

Also in October, we attended the 1st edition of Les Echos Investir Day, an event dedicated to individual investors. While there, we enjoyed the opportunity to meet and engage with some of you.

Lastly, the investment community honored us at the 19th Investor Awards held by Boursorama, where we were awarded the International Development prize.

In the Discovery section of this edition, you can read about the inspiring projects that will shape tomorrow’s aviation industry and contribute to a more sustainable world. You can read about:

  • A futuristic conceptual airliner to inspire next-generation engineers
  • How air mobility vehicles lay the groundwork for more autonomous flight
  • The E-Aircraft System House: Europe’s largest test facility dedicated to alternative propulsion systems and fuels

Finally, as 2019 comes to a close, I want to wish you and yours a very happy and successful 2020!


Thorsten Fischer, 
Head of Airbus Investor Relations & Financial Communication
 Share price evolution (in %)
17.12.18 to 17.12.19
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
Solid commercial aircraft environment
9m financials mainly reflect A320neo
ramp-up and A350 progress
Revenues € 46.2 billion, +14% EBIT Adjusted € 4.1 billion, +51% YoY
EBIT (reported) € 3.4 billion
EPS (reported) € 2.81
2019 guidance updated for delivery outlook of around 860 commercial aircraft: FCF before M&A and Customer Financing now approximately € 3 billion, EBIT Adjusted guidance maintained
AIRBUS Aero-notes  Airbus reports
Nine-Month (9m) 2019 financial results
AIRBUS Aero-notes
  Guillaume Faury, CEO Airbus
AIRBUS Aero-notes
  AIRBUS Aero-notes
 “Our nine-month results are mainly driven by the performance in commercial aircraft, reflecting both the A320neo ramp-up and progress on the A350.
We are focused on the A320neo ramp-up and improving the industrial flow while managing the higher level of complexity on the A321 ACF in particular.
Our nine-month delivery numbers and the updated delivery outlook for the year reflect the underlying actions to secure a more efficient delivery flow in the next years as we progress to rate 63 per month for the A320 Family in 2021. The full-year free cash flow guidance has been adjusted to reflect the revised delivery outlook while the EBIT Adjusted target is maintained.
We are focused on meeting our customer commitments and preparing the production system for the future."

Guillaume Faury, CEO Airbus
AIRBUS Aero-notes  Airbus prepares the future of flight for the Middle East, Africa… and beyond
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Airbus has wrapped up a highly successful 2019 Dubai Airshow, announcing new business for its widebody and single-aisle commercial jetliners while unveiling exciting initiatives aligned with the company’s commitment to a more sustainable aviation industry. 
 First European Service Module for NASA’s Orion spacecraft
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Europe is providing propulsion and life support systems for missions that will take astronauts beyond the Moon.
Airbus is leading the European project team on behalf of ESA from Bremen, Germany. The first mission in 2020 will herald a new era of human spaceflight.
AIRBUS Aero-notes   Airbus delivers 1,000th Super Puma helicopter
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Airbus Helicopters has delivered its 1,000th Super Puma helicopter:
a twin-engine multi-role H215 assembled in Marignane, France, and handed over to the German Federal Police to support the German Havarie Command, which manages maritime emergencies off of Germany’s coast.
This delivery completes the German Federal Police’s order for four H215s and increases the German Federal Police’s Super Puma fleet to 23, making the police force one of the largest operators of Super Pumas in the world.
 Investir Day 2019

AIRBUS Aero-notes
AIRBUS Aero-notes

The Airbus Investor Relations team joined in for the 1st Edition of Investir Day, hosted by Les Echos. At this one day gathering, 4,000 individual shareholders and investors came to meet some of the largest companies in France.

While we were there, we had the opportunity to speak face-to-face and answer questions with several of our individual investors. We also presented our 50-year history of pioneering progress, and our commitment to be in the heart of tackling tomorrow’s environmental and societal challenges.


100,000 investors voted at the 19th Investor Awards that took place on October 3rd in Paris.
Airbus was awarded the International Development prize.

We would like to thank all of you who voted for Airbus.

 Boursorama Investor Awards 2019
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Shareholders Agenda
AIRBUS Aero-notes
Airbus will release its next quarterly financial results on the following dates:
13 Feb 2020 – Full Year 2019
29 Apr 2020 – First Quarter 2020
30 Jul 2020 – Half Year 2020
29 Oct 2020 – 9-Month 2020
AIRBUS Aero-notes A futuristic conceptual airliner to inspire
next-generation engineers
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Airbus has unveiled a bird-like conceptual airliner design with the goal of motivating the next generation of aeronautical engineers, underscoring how they can make a difference by applying technologies researched at the company in hybrid-electric propulsion, active control systems and advanced composite structures. 
 Air mobility vehicles lay the groundwork for more autonomous flight
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Today, self-piloting technologies are having a huge impact on mobility solutions—both on the ground and in the air. But the leap from automated to autonomous is still a work in progress. Although fully autonomous aircraft are still many years away, urban air mobility vehicles are proving to be an excellent option to start the roll-out of self-piloting aircraft operations. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes E-Aircraft System House
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 At the E-Aircraft System (EAS) House, Airbus is pushing alternative “eco-friendly” propulsion technology to the limit. Here, the E-Fan X’s electric motor will undergo rigorous testing in preparation for the demonstrator’s first flight in 2021. 
  Airbus Foundation supports Bolivian efforts to fight fires in Amazon
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 The Airbus Foundation supported Bolivia’s efforts against the severe fires which ravaged more than two million hectares of the Bolivian Amazon.
An Airbus A330neo test aircraft transported 38 firefighters of the French Civil Security and equipment from Vatry, France, to Bolivia and two single engine H125s dropped more than 500 tonnes of water, thus contributing to limit the fires and prevent them from getting into the communities in the area.
AIRBUS Aero-notes Inspired by nature to boost aircraft environmental performance
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Airbus has unveiled fello’fly, its latest demonstrator project inspired by biomimicry, that is set to boost the environmental performance of commercial aircraft and make a significant impact on emissions reduction for the aviation industry.

Airbus’ fello’fly project aims to demonstrate the technical, operational and commercial viability of two aircraft flying together for long-haul flights.
 Eyes in the sky against maritime pollution
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Our marine habitats are under serious threat from pollution. To help monitor, restrict and reduce this damage, organisations around the world are increasingly turning to satellite imagery.  
AIRBUS Aero-notes AIRBUS Aero-notes

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