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AIRBUS Aero-notesLetter to Shareholders - n°48 - August 2019AIRBUS Aero-notes
 to Aero-notes 48. In addition to sharing our financial results for the first half of 2019—which you can find below—this special edition of our newsletter celebrates Airbus’ 50th anniversary.

For 50 years, Airbus has pioneered firsts in the aerospace industry through passion and innovation. We have moved society forward, enhancing mobility, connectivity and defence capabilities for customers across the world.

We have published 50 stories celebrating this pioneering spirit that drives us daily. You can find my personal “Best of” in our usual format below, but if you want to fully immerse yourself, you can also go straight to our ”Pioneering Progress” minisite.

If you would like to learn more about the people that have played a part in making Airbus an extraordinary company, we invite you to listen to
“We Make It Fly”, the first official Airbus podcast. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts or listen directly from our website and follow along in the coming weeks as Season 1 goes live.

Finally, it is with sadness that I inform you of the passing away of one of our founding fathers - Roger Béteille - in June, so shortly after our 50th anniversary.

Thorsten Fischer, 
Head of Airbus Investor Relations & Financial Communication
 Share price evolution (in %)
31.07.2018 to 31.07.2019
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
Commercial aircraft environment robust
H1 financials mainly reflect A320 Family ramp-up and NEO transition
Revenues € 30.9 billion;
EBIT Adjusted € 2.5 billion
EBIT (reported) € 2.1 billion;
EPS (reported) € 1.54
2019 guidance maintained
AIRBUS Aero-notes  Airbus reports
Half-Year (H1)
2019 results
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Paris Air Show 2019
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Watch the highlights and find many more photos, videos and news around the Paris Air Show 2019 on our minisite for the event. 
AIRBUS Aero-notes  The moment two signatures made Europe fly
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 At the Paris Air Show on the 29 May 1969, with Europe still recovering from the divisions of war and American players dominating the commercial aircraft market, France and Germany sat down to make a pioneering agreement.
This moment of bold collaboration would accelerate progress in the aviation industry, helping to make flight accessible for more people across the globe...
 Boggle your mind with
these stats
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 On 29 May 1969, Airbus began a journey that would see it become one of the fastest growing companies in the history of European industry.
By the turn of the century, Airbus had become the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer.
Now, over 2 billion passengers fly in an Airbus aircraft every year – meaning it has even more users than Facebook.
Take a look at what that one day in the life of the Airbus fleet looks like…
AIRBUS Aero-notes   Pioneering progress tomorrow
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 “Reflecting on our history, learning from our experiences, and celebrating our successes further fuels our passion, pride, self-confidence and also our humility, enabling us to embrace the challenges we want to address in our next chapter with enthusiasm.
“We acknowledge the world is changing fast, and what got us to where we are today, as a global leader in aeronautics and space, will not necessarily be what we will need to be successful in the future.
“I believe knowing our roots and having that understanding of what has made us successful is absolutely essential when it comes to writing our next chapter.”

Guillaume Faury,
Airbus CEO
 Fly the aviation revolution with
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 On 10 July 2015, the fully-electric E-Fan 1.0 crossed the English Channel, 106 years after Louis Blériot's first flight across it. In doing so, the E-Fan proved that electric and hybrid electric flights are a viable, even inevitable, future for the aerospace industry.
In our continued role as an innovation leader, we are pioneering a wide range of technologies that have significant environmental benefits. Today, electric and hybrid-electric propulsion are among the most promising technologies for reducing climate change emissions.
AIRBUS Aero-notes Imagine our cities in 2030
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Whilst Vahana and CityAirbus have given rise to a new class of aerial vehicles designed to be electric-powered, emissions-free and suitable for urban transport, our pursuit of viable urban mobility solutions involves more than just vehicle development.
To co-create an entire industry from scratch, there’s a need to fit together all pieces of the puzzle, from regulation and infrastructure to airspace management and public acceptance.
In doing so, Airbus Urban Mobility ultimately aims to improve cities – and people’s lives – for the better.
 Revolutionise the industry with data
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 In June 2017, when Airbus launched Skywise, a platform capable of pooling and analysing data from across the aviation ecosystem, it was the start of something big.
Skywise identifies patterns, makes predictions, and suggests actions to improve how airlines run, ultimately improving how passengers experience air travel.
As the platform grows, countless more opportunities and applications are emerging, and this is incredibly exciting for the future of the industry.
AIRBUS Aero-notes  The moments that make a difference
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 For the past 50 years, the Airbus story has been one of ambition and progress, defined by innovations that address some of society’s most critical issues, from mobility to security.
But when Airbus Foundation was launched in August 2008, it marked a significant moment in our ambition to build a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world.
Airbus Foundation demonstrates the great things that can be achieved when bold collaborations take place across the globe; bringing together diverse talents, products, and passions, to look for new ways to address societal issues.
 Fly the flag
for diversity
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 AIRBUS Aero-notes
 Today, Airbus represents a global community of more than 133,000 people. Hailing from more than 130 countries, together we are One Airbus.
We believe that bringing people together from many social and cultural backgrounds, and creating a working environment that is inclusive of everybody, helps us to be more creative and do a better job for our customers – reflecting the diversity of the world we live in and the customers we serve.
AIRBUS Aero-notes Meet Africa’s brightest talent
AIRBUS Aero-notes
 BizLab supports African start-ups as they get off the ground. The programme selects the top start-ups for an intensive six-month business incubation and accelerator programme involving technical, commercial and mentorship activities in France, Germany and South Africa.
With the 2019 programme the vision was to expand further across Africa and welcome the African portfolio companies into the global Airbus community, continuing collaborations with the portfolio companies with the biggest potential.
AIRBUS Aero-notes AIRBUS Aero-notes

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