Annual General Meeting   

Annual General Meeting 

14 April 2021

ZEROe is an Airbus concept aircraft. In the blended-wing body configuration, two hybrid hydrogen turbofan engines provide thrust. The liquid hydrogen storage tanks are stored underneath the wings.  

Aero-notes n°52

Newsletter for individual shareholders

Chief Executive Officer Airbus

The good Q1 results mainly reflect our commercial aircraft delivery performance, cost and cash containment, progress with the restructuring plan as well as positive contributions from our helicopter and defence and space activities. The first quarter shows that the crisis is not yet over for our industry, and that the market remains uncertain. We are investing in innovation and in the transformation of our Company to deliver on our long-term ambitions across the portfolio

Guillaume Faury, CEO Airbus

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Interactive Analyst Center

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Why invest?

A global leader in aeronautics, space and related services, Airbus has a robust and diverse backlog and a clear focus on ramp-up, execution, profitability, value creation and market positioning.

We are committed to increasing shareholder returns. We target sustainable growth in our dividend, with a payout ratio of 30-40%, and have simplified our shareholder structure and increased our free float.

Airbus at a glance



in € bn

EBIT Adjusted

EBIT Adjusted

in € bn / RoS (%)

FCF before M&A and Customer Financing

FCF before M&A and Customer Financing

in € bn

Airbus key figures

€ million Q1 2021 Q1 2020 Change
Order Intake net (units) (61) 290 N/A
Order Book (units) 6,998 7,650 -8.5%
Revenues 7,272 7,569 -3.9%
R&D Expenses  520 543 -4.2%
EBIT Adjusted 533 191 179.1%
RoS (based on EBIT adj.) 7.3% 2.5% N/A
Airbus Q121 Deliveries VMB
Airbus Q121 Revenue Split VMB

Helicopters key figures

€ million Q1 2021 Q1 2020 Change
Order Intake net (units) 40 54 -25.9%
Order Book (units) 664 702 -5.4%
Revenues 1,177 1,202 -2.1%
R&D Expenses 55 75 -26.7%
EBIT Adjusted 62 53 17.0%
RoS (based on EBIT adj.) 5.3% 4.4%
Airbus Q121 Helico Split Defence VMB
Airbus Q121 Helico Split Services VMB

Defence and Space key figures

€ million Q1 2021 Q1 2020 Change
Order Intake net 1,962 1,734 13.1%
Revenues 2,115 2,111 0.2%
R&D Expenses 47 51 -7.8%
EBIT Adjusted 59 15 293.3%
RoS (based on EBIT adj.) 2.8% 0.7%
Airbus Q121 DS Split Services VMB
Airbus Q121 DS Split Military VMB

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Individual shareholders

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Registered shareholders

What does it mean to be an Airbus registered shareholder?

Being a 'registered' shareholder means that Airbus is aware of your personal details, including your name. If you hold your Airbus shares through a financial intermediary, you can transfer them into the 'registered form*' and consequently be identified by Airbus. Registered shares accounts are divided into two categories:

  • Direct registered shares: your shares are held and managed directly by Airbus. So you can enjoy many advantages and services. Société Générale Securities Services has been commissioned by Airbus to provide 'registered share' services on behalf of Airbus and is your contact for the management of your Airbus shares.
  • Administrated registered shares: your shares are held and managed by your financial intermediary but are also registered with Airbus. You get some advantages without changing your intermediary and your financial intermediary remains your contact for the management of your Airbus shares.

* Your financial intermediary may charge a fee for the transfer of your shares into registered form. To find out details, you should contact the relevant intermediary.

What are the advantages of being an Airbus direct registered shareholder?

  • No custodial fees and no management fees (brokerage fees are still due by shareholders)
  • Use of the secure SHARINBOX website (, allowing you to:
    - review your securities holdings and the current Airbus share price
    - review and update your personal detail information
    - download all useful documents for the management of your registered shares account
    - simulate stock market transactions
    - transmit your stock exchange orders in real time and monitor their execution
    - review the history of your transactions and amount of your disposals
  • A stock exchange transaction service for the purchase and sale of your Airbus shares by internet, phone, fax or mail
  • Possibility to receive by email the communication on your registered shares and all information published by Airbus to the attention of its shareholders (if the shareholder has not chosen this option, mandatory information will be sent by post)
  • Direct dividend payment
  • According to your instructions and free of charge, fulfilment of securities transactions or any other financial transactions relating to your shares during capital increases

How to contact the Airbus Securities Services?

You can send a message to Société Générale Securities Services via the SHARINBOX page. You can access the contact form after the connexion upon clicking on My messages / My e-mails

You can also use one of the following channels:


Phone: +33 (0)2 51 85 67 89 

Fax: +33 (0)2 51 85 62 15

Mail: Société Générale Securities Services
    32, rue du champ de tir - CS 30812
    44308 Nantes Cedex 3 - FRANCE            

Airbus demonstrated a strong presence at the 2012 edition of ILA Berlin Airshow

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