Co-innovation using artificial intelligence

AIGym is an online platform that presents Airbus-specific challenges to be solved with artificial intelligence (AI). Each challenge describes a real business problem Airbus faces, and explores how artificial intelligence and machine learning can provide solutions.


AIGym represents a new way of co-innovating by demonstrating the benefits of open partnerships and collaborative relationships in artificial intelligence beyond the aerospace industry. The goal is to share data science obstacles encountered within the aerospace industry and to provide datasets based on real use cases.

How it works

AIGym invites companies, research labs, universities, colleges, institutes, individuals and teams to address the issues relating to data generated by the aerospace industry during operations and tests. The challenge is based on three datasets from cases in the helicopter, satellite and commercial aircraft business domains. The 2019 edition focuses on time series analysis.

Together with leading biotech company AMSilk, Airbus aims to use artificial spider silk to create an entirely new generation of composite material that could revolutionise aerospace design.

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