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Airbus released its Blueprint for the Sky in September 2018, outlining a roadmap for integrating autonomous aircraft in air traffic management systems

Airbus UTM

Deploying Unmanned Traffic Management solutions

Airbus UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) is building digital air traffic management solutions to enable new aerial vehicles, including air taxis and delivery drones, to safely enter and share our future skies. This more modern and scalable approach to air traffic management aims to safely support the rapid growth of unmanned aerial vehicles.

A modern and scalable approach to airspace management

The Airbus UTM team works to:


  • Determine the safest, most effective architecture for unmanned traffic management through research, simulation and industry collaboration, and product deployment,
  • Tap into Airbus’ decades-long history of technological excellence in aviation and expand on the already-established relationships with the regulatory and industry organisations critical to successfully deploying a comprehensive unmanned traffic management framework,
  • Collaborate with regulators, manufacturers, service providers and consumers to establish a common understanding of tomorrow’s airspace,
  • Provide customers with design and analysis consultancy to help them to evaluate safe practices, understand current airspace usage, analyse risk and propose new airspace structures.


Learn more about Airbus UTM

Learn more about Airbus UTM

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