A350 1000 Cardiff International Airport  

Power-to-Liquids, explainer

How liquid hydrocarbons are promising emissions reduction at a large scale

Only for Innovation webstories  

Tomorrow’s airports: future energy ecosystems?

Airbus is partnering to bring “Hydrogen Hub at Airports” to reality

Hydrogen renewable energy production - hydrogen gas for clean electricity solar and windturbine facility. 3d rendering.  

The green hydrogen ecosystem for aviation, explained

How investment is key to supporting widespread scale-up

Discover EcoPulseTM, the distributed hybrid-propulsion aircraft demonstrator that Airbus is developing in partnership with Daher and Safran and with the support of CORAC and DGAC.  

EcoPulse™ demonstrator completes wind tunnel testing

Successful evaluation of distributed propulsion system propeller performance

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Shaping the future of aerospace

At Airbus, we believe the future of aerospace is autonomous, connected and zero-emission. We collaborate with our innovation ecosystem and leverage our digitised operations to imagine future concepts that will bring this vision to reality.





Zero emission  

Zero emission

Bringing cleaner technology to aerospace

Transportation and communication network concept.  

Autonomous & Connected

Towards safer, more efficient & interoperable flight

Future concepts  

Future concepts

A fresh approach to aircraft design & materials

Industry 4.0  

Industry 4.0

A future-focused, intelligent & digital industrial ecosystem

Innovation ecosystem  

Innovation ecosystem

Leveraging collective intelligence to deliver results

Abstract glowing particle web on a dark background  

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