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Helicopters general safety information

SINs, tech pubs, tutorials

As part of its commitment to safety, Airbus Helicopters develops Safety Information Notices and other technical publications to provide customers with valuable information related to the company’s products and services. This section contains some of these documents. Airbus Helicopters customers can consult the entire library of technical publications through the company’s Technical Information Publication on Internet (T.I.P.I) according to their subscription.

General safety resources

EHEST recommendations

The European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) regularly releases guidance to improve helicopter safety. Airbus Helicopters publishes SINS on some of these subjects to impart this knowledge to operators:

- HE2 Helicopter pilot airmanship Download (pdf 224 Ko)

- HE3 Off site landing sites Download (pdf 168 Ko)

- HE4 Pilot Decision Making Download (pdf 1.30 Mo)

- HE5 Risk management in training Download (pdf 1.39 Mo)

- HE6 Advantages of simulators in Helicopter Flight Training Download (pdf 1.27 Mo)

- HE7 Technique for helicopter operations in hilly and mountainous terrain Download (pdf 4.50 Mo)

- HE8 The principles of Threat and Error Management (TEM) for helicopter pilots, instructors and training organisations Download (pdf 2.43 Mo)

- HE9 Automation and Flight path management Download (pdf 2.12 Mo)

- HE10 Teaching and testing in flight simulation training devices Download (pdf 1.92 Mo)

- HE11 Training and testing of Emergency and abnormal procedures in Helicopters Download (pdf 1.66 Mo)

- HE12 Helicopter Performance Download (pdf 1.25 Mo)

- HE13 leaflet HE 13 weather threat for VMC flights Download 

- EHEST Helicopter Flight Instructor Guide Download 

- Other Safety Promotion leaflets, web-articles, videos, manuals and guidelines by EHEST, ESPN-R (which replaced EHEST in 2017) and IHSF are published on EASA Safety Promotion and

Main rotor rotating anticlockwise

Reminder concerning the YAW axis control for all helicopters in some flight conditions.
The technical comments in this Service-Letter apply to main rotors rotating anticlockwise when seen from above.
Download (pdf 91Ko)

Safety Information Notice for unanticipated right yaw (main rotor rotating counter clockwise), commonly referred to as LTE
Download (pdf 1Mo)

Main rotor rotating clockwise

Reminder concerning the YAW axis control for all helicopters in some flight conditions.
The technical comments in this Service-Letter apply to main rotors rotating clockwise when seen from above.
Download (pdf 78Ko)

Safety Information Notice for unanticipated left yaw (main rotor rotating clockwise), commonly referred to as LTE
Download (pdf 335 Ko)


Equipment and furnishings: sling work
The information contained in this Service-Letter is intended mainly for pilots. 
Download (pdf 78Ko)

Safety Information Notice

Increasing number of serious incidents/accidents caused by failures to comply with "routine" applicable maintenance instructions 
Download (pdf 163Ko)

Safety Promotion Notice


Enhancing Aviation Safety with proper Maintenance procedures and a Human Factor analysis campaign

The goal of this Safety Promotion Notice is to promote best maintenance practices and organizational standards.

Download (pdf 855,59 Ko)



ESPN-R Hoist Task Force recommendations along with a brief history of the hoist's use in the rotorcraft industry

Download (pdf 3,81 Mo)



Proactive decision-making with Airbus Helicopters’ "Before Your Flight" risk assessment app

Download (pdf 457 Ko)

This Safety Promotion Notice describes the practice of Pre Flight Risk Assessment and the app developed by Airbus Helicopters to support pilots in its application. Available for both iOS and Android environment, you can download the android version here or click on link below:



Service letter

Hydraulic power system: servo transparency 
Download (pdf 125Ko)

EC120 B
Download (pdf 124Kb)

Hydraulic system failure emergency procedure training
EC120 B and AS350 B3e
Download (pdf 523Kb)

Integration of a non-Airbus Helicopters Group design modification on helicopters, subject or not subject to an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate)
Download (pdf 48Kb)

Simulated EOL training engine-off landing

Current helicopter accident/incident statistics indicate that the greatest exposure to accidents or incidents occurs during simulated engine-off landing (EOL). The purpose of this Safety Information Notice is to raise the level of awareness of flight instructors involved in simulated EOL training.
Download (pdf 521 Ko)

Jettisonable sliding doors

Design 1 (Disc spring):
Helicopter S/N 9004 up to and including S/N 9621 and pre-Alert Service Bulletin MBB-BK117 C-2-52A-018.
Watch to the tutorial

Design 2 (Coil spring):
Helicopter S/N 9622 and up or post Alert Service Bulletin MBB-BK117 C-2-52A-018.
Watch to the tutorial

Download ASB BK117 C-2-52A-018 (pdf 3.009Ko)
Download SIN 2658-S-52 (pdf 797 Ko)

Ground Rescue Booklet

In line with our constant commitment to improving the safety of your operations, these new Ground Rescue Booklets for Airbus Helicopters products were developed in collaboration with operators and provide additional information on how to adapt Emergency Response Plans (ERP) within the scope of Safety Management Systems (SMS).

These documents cover generic configurations which may be different from the specific configurations of your helicopters. The booklets will initially be issued in English only and will not be subject to systematic updating. Dedicated versions will be prepared for other helicopters within the Airbus Helicopters range.

These booklets are made available free of charge on the Airbus Helicopters website in order to be used by firefighters and rescue teams around the world.

- H125



EC145/BK117 C-2e


- H155

- H175


Information Notice

Fuel: fuel quality

Download (pdf 32Ko)

Aid to introduction of a Safety Management System (SMS) - Operational risk management methodology provided by Airbus Helicopters
Download (pdf English Version 419Ko)
Download (pdf French Version 342Ko)
Download (pdf German Version 344Ko)
Download (pdf spanish Version 355Ko)

Flight operations briefing note

Download (pdf English Version 2 990Ko)

Visit the website: T.I.P.I

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