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Counterfeit or destroyed aircraft

Airbus works closely with customers and operators to ensure only genuine helicopters and parts are used, and that customers are not misled into purchasing or operating aircraft or parts which were destroyed and then rebuilt by others without Airbus’ involvement.

Such aircraft, sometimes “rebuilt” around their identification data plate, are counterfeit and are not considered to be products of Airbus, as there is no assurance they will have the same quality and safety of genuine Airbus rotorcraft.

Passenger Transport

Following the investigation of an accident by the appropriate investigative authority, if an aircraft’s damage is identified as being minor or substantial, it may be repaired by authorised facilities using the necessary approved manuals and procedures along with the specified parts, tools and jigs. However, if the aircraft is officially determined to have been destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt except by the manufacturer under rules established in approved documentation from the airworthiness authorities.

To protect against the potential sale or operation of such counterfeit aircraft, the company recommends that those considering the purchase – or the rebuilding of – any destroyed aircraft check Airbus Helicopters’ List of Potentially Destroyed Aircraft:

List of Potentially Destroyed Airbus Helicopters Aircraft

For more information
please read our Safety information Notice (.pdf format) :

**The list of Potentially Destroyed Airbus Helicopters Aircraft is currently unavailable. It will be updated and republished as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

This is a list of potentially destroyed Airbus Helicopters rotorcraft for which a governmental agency or other organization has indicated the aircraft has been destroyed, but for which a final official accident report has yet to be issued. The list should be consulted by anyone considering purchasing any accident-damaged aircraft or components. Airbus Helicopters also can be contacted to run a serial number check for the worldwide accident history.

Airbus Helicopters requests that certification authorities remove the aircraft’s serial number from the Type Certificate Data Sheet for each aircraft that has been officially determined to have been destroyed and has its data plate destroyed. Airbus Helicopters will not knowingly support such destroyed aircraft.

Moreover, Airbus Helicopters reminds everyone that for obvious safety reasons, it is prohibited to reuse parts or assemblies which have been involved in an accident without formal technical approval from the Airbus Helicopters Technical Support Directorate.

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