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Helicopter accident investigation

Airbus’ helicopters accident investigation team has an extensive history of successfully participating in on-site investigations led by international aviation authorities and performing technical examinations, tests and calculations.

Our investigators work closely with investigative authorities around the world as representatives of Airbus Helicopters – the aircraft Type Certificate holder – throughout all phases of investigations to support aviation safety and the continued airworthiness of the entire fleet.

The accident investigation team specializes in collecting, examining and evaluating data and information to assist Airbus Helicopters, the aviation authorities and operators to improve safety and avoid future accidents. Team members’ investigative capabilities include – but are not limited to – wreckage examination and reconstruction, dynamic assemblies, flight control and aircraft systems analysis, review of flight and maintenance training records, aircraft limitations and aircraft maintenance history.

Airbus investigates accidents and incidents for the following rotary-wing aircraft types:

Airbus investigates accidents and incidents for the following rotary-wing aircraft types:

Airbus Helicopters, France type certificate:

H120, H125/H125M/AS350/AS550/AS355/AS555, H130/EC130, AS365, H155, H160, H175, H215/H215M/AS332/AS532, H225/H225M, SA315, SA313/318, SA316/319, SA330, SA341/342

Airbus Helicopters Deutschland type certificate:

BO105, BO105 LS, BK117 (A, B and C-1 versions),
EC135, EC635, H135, H135M, EC145 (BK117 C-2, BK117 C-2e), UH-72A (U.S. Army), H145, H145M (BK117 D-2 / BK117 D-2m)

To contact the Accident Investigation Team or to report an accident involving an Airbus Helicopters product, see the Safety contacts page.



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