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Final accident investigation report statement

Airbus Helicopters expresses deep regret for the accident that claimed the lives of 13 people off Turøy in Norway in 2016.  The company workforce was shocked and saddened by this event and we offer our sincere and profound sympathies to the families of the bereaved.

Airbus Helicopters welcomes the conclusion of the investigation and takes note of the findings in the report.  The company is grateful to the AIBN for allowing the company to provide clarification on key points in the investigation by means of an annex to the final report.

Neither aviation authorities nor industry had ever seen the type of crack in the Main Gear Box that led to the LN-OJF accident.

Extensive analysis of the accident has led to the development of a set of safety measures, approved by global aviation authorities, which have allowed the H225 fleet to resume flight operations worldwide.

There are similarities with the 2009 G-REDL accident, however, without key evidence at the time, it was impossible to put in place measures which might have prevented the LN-OJF accident.

Today, as a result of the measures introduced by Airbus Helicopters and approved by global and national aviation authorities, including the UK and Norwegian CAAs, the H225 meets the most stringent, global airworthiness standards.

The company continues to work on incremental improvements to the H225 as part of its ongoing, continuous improvement process.

Airbus Helicopters is committed to pursuing the highest level of safety standards for the H225 global fleet and providing customers and operators the full service and support they require.

Video: LN-OJF Accident investigation status

On 29 April 2016, an Airbus Helicopters H225 suffered a fatal accident off Norway. Official investigators, supported by Airbus Helicopters, identified the chain of events leading up to the accident and were able to isolate the contributing factors. This video summarises what they discovered, and explains how Airbus Helicopters has improved the safety of the H225.

A message from Bruno Even, Chief Executive Officer

Bruno Even, Chief Executive Officer

When an H225 crashed off Norway in April 2016, everyone at Airbus Helicopters was shocked and saddened. Our hearts, then and now, go out to all those who lost their loved ones.

At Airbus Helicopters, safety is always our top priority and we therefore welcome the final accident report from the AIBN.

Ever since the accident, we have worked tirelessly to get to the bottom of what happened and to learn from those findings. These extensive analyses have led to the development of a set of safety measures, approved by aviation authorities worldwide.

The H225 flies every day all over the globe, on all manner of missions, in all sorts of conditions. We remain committed to continuously improving the H225, to keep providing customers and operators with the highest safety standards, as well as the full service and support they require.

Bruno Even, Chief Executive Officer 

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