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Flying is essential 

Flying is essential 

In the most demanding environments, helicopters are there to serve, protect, save lives and safely carry passengers. Whether in a time of need or in our everyday lives, helicopters have a role to play. From disaster relief, medical evacuation, to helping power our world, here are a few examples of why flying is essential.  

Powering our world


Helicopters play an essential and sometimes unseen role in our daily lives. A case in point? Energy. Check out how helicopters work hard behind the scenes to deliver energy safely and reliably. Read less Read more

Reaching everywhere


Sometimes the sky is the only way out. From disaster sites to the highest mountain peaks, helicopters are ready to respond when the rescue call goes out. They provide flexibility and reach when time is of the essence–proving their worth during dramatic recoveries at sea, in locating stranded hikers blocked by rugged terrain, responding to natural disasters, and delivering emergency care to the remote locations. #FlyingisEssential Read less Read more

Protecting and serving


Protecting and serving under any conditions, helicopters are an essential partner for firefighters, law enforcement agencies, and militaries. They provide speed, reactivity, and flexibility for the toughest missions performed in the most extreme physical environments Read less Read more

Saving lives


When lives are at stake, every second counts. Helicopters can reach a location three to five times faster than a ground-based vehicle, meaning patients can receive life-saving medical treatment earlier, increasing the chance of survival in critical cases. #FlyingisEssential Read less Read more

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