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Commercial air transport

Commercial air transport

From corporate shuttle and air taxi service, to fast turn-around tourism flights and highly-demanding offshore oil & gas duties, Airbus helicopters respond to all requirements of commercial air transport operations. Customers of any size – from single-aircraft owners to operators with sizable fleets – can rely on the company's worldwide network of service centres for guidance, training and support.


Light helicopters

The H130 is highly cost-effective and offers a turbine-smooth environment and quiet ride, along with unmatched visibility for passengers and open-space cabins that enhance comfort and facilitate loading/unloading.

Airbus’ range begins with its lightweight single- and twin-engine product lines –the H125 and H130. Highly cost-effective rotorcraft, they offer a turbine-smooth environment and quiet rides, along with unmatched visibility for passengers and open-space cabins that enhance comfort and facilitate loading/unloading.

The twin-engine H135 and H145 have large cabins with flat floors, providing flexibility in seating arrangements and the creation of high-end interiors to satisfy the most discerning travellers. Both rotorcraft have high-set main and tail rotors for facilitated access, while their compact airframes allow landings and takeoffs from urban areas and city heliports, to super yachts and off-shore oil & gas platforms

Medium helicopters

The AS365 N3+ includes powerful engines which enable fast cruising speeds, excellent range, and high endurance, while the digital 4-axis autopilot supports safety by protecting the full flight envelope.

The medium-weight Dauphin family is recognized worldwide for its exceptional roominess, comfort, endurance and efficiency. These twin-engine helicopters can operate within the most crowded airport environments, where their high speeds permit easy integration with fixed-wing traffic during landing approach and departure.

In its Commercial Air Transport configuration, the cabin of the H160 can accommodate up to 12 passengers. Its unobstructed large cabin has been specially designed to provide a spacious, comfortable environment and rapid egress capability. Using advanced safety technologies and meeting the highest standards to protect the occupant, passengers travelling aboard the H160 enjoy complete peace of mind and confidence.

Airbus’ new-generation H175 was created to meet evolving missions of the oil & gas industry and commercial transport providers, offering outstanding performance and unmatched cost efficiency in its seven-metric-tonne weight category.

Speed, comfort and technology make the twin-engine H175 an asset for executive transportation, while the most spacious cabin in its class offers separate seating zones to indulge passengers from takeoff to landing.

Heavy helicopters

The heavy-weight H215 and H225 Super Puma helicopters are the choice for oil & gas industry airlift operations, serving as workhorse rotorcraft in the most challenging conditions. Their two powerful engines and robust rotor blade systems give these machines the power for high payloads, long ranges and fast cruise speeds, along with extended flight endurance. Various seating arrangements are possible in the very large cabin, while comfort is assured with low vibration and sound levels that give passengers the impression of flying in a commercial jetliner.



Airbus make tourists’ dreams come true, offering aerial viewpoints for some of Earth’s natural and man-made wonders – including the U.S. Hawaiian Islands and Grand Canyon; at national parks and reserves around the globe; and over such cities as Paris, New York and Las Vegas.

The single-engine Ecureuil/AStar family has been the go-to rotorcraft for professional tour operations since the 1980s, favoured for its smooth ride and low external noise and vibration levels.

Building on its experience with tour operators, Airbus set a new benchmark with the H130, whose open cabin design and more than 65 square feet of glass affords a 180-degree sweeping view. The H130 offers significantly greater personal space for its seven passengers, enabling individual first class-type seating. Earning its “Eco-Star” nickname, the H130’s environmentally-friendly low noise signature is further improved by the use of Airbus’ Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor system.

Tour companies with Airbus-built fleets include two U.S. operators: Blue Hawaiian (flying the AS350 and H130) in the Hawaiian Islands, and Sundance Helicopters, based in Las Vegas, Nevada (operating H130s); as well as Réunion Island’s Corail Hélicoptères (with H130s) and Nepal’s Shree Airlines (AS350s and H130s).

Oil & gas transport

Corporate shuttle and VIP

Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) is the world’s first dedicated end-to-end solution for Private & Business Aviation customers by a global helicopter original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The brand, identified by the ACH logo, offers a unique level of quality, finish, craftsmanship and tailored services matching the most demanding requirements of its customers.

Infographics and Documents

H160 EMS Infographic    
H135 infographic    
H225 infographic    
H125 Infographic    
Infographic H215    
Emergency medical services (EMS) infographic    
H175 Infographic    
H130 infographic    
H145 Infographic: One platform for a full range of missions    
H160 Infographic    
Businessman and Philanthropist Adar Poonawalla takes delivery of India’s first Airbus Corporate Helicopters ACH145    
Airbus delivers Canada’s first H145 to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police    
ES_First serial H160 takes to the skies.docx    
GE_First serial H160 takes to the skies.docx    
FR_First serial H160 takes to the skies.docx    
First serial H160 takes to the skies.docx    
E-Bundeswehr orders H145 search and rescue helicopters    
D-Bundeswehr orders H145 search and rescue helicopters    
Lithuanian Air Force renews Dauphin HCare Infinite contract    
Fleet in Russia & CIS to double by 2037    
Airbus to deliver New Zealand’s first HEMS-configured H145s    
H130_Backgrounder _Nov 2018    
H125_Backgrounder_Nov 2018    

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