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The H125 (previously named the AS350 B3e) outclasses all other single-engine helicopters for performance, versatility, low maintenance, and low acquisition costs, while excelling in high and hot and extreme environments. It is a member of Airbus’ Ecureuil family, which has accumulated more than 33 million flight hours worldwide. 


World-record holder

In 2005, the AS350 B3 broke the world record for the highest-altitude landing and takeoff, performed on Mount Everest at 8,848 metres (29,029 feet), a title still held today.


Backed by experience and a long heritage

The H125 is a member of Airbus’ rugged and proven Ecureuil family. Some 6,500 members of the Ecureuil family (AS350, AS355, AS550, AS555, H125, H125M, EC130, H130) have been delivered in nearly 120 countries for more than 1,900 operators. Together, these aircraft have accumulated more than 33 million flight hours. The H125 is the undisputed leader in its class for the past 30 years.

About 900 H125s (AS350 B3e) series aircraft are currently in service worldwide, and are mainly used for high-performance missions in high and hot conditions.

The H125 has broken world records throughout its career. In 2005, the AS350 B3 broke the world record for the highest-altitude landing and takeoff, performed on Mount Everest at 8,848 metres (29,029 feet), a title still held today. On 19 May 2013, the AS350 B3 performed the world's highest long-line rescue operation on Lhotse, the world's fourth-highest mountain, located in the Himalayas, at 7,800 metres (25,590 feet).

Making the best even better

The H125 is equipped with a Safran Arriel 2D turboshaft engine with a dual-channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) unit, plus a third independent and automatic back-up channel and an automatic start-up. The engine is fitted with an engine data recorder.

A multi-mission workhorse

With built-in manoeuvrability, excellent visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the H125 has earned its reputation as a true multi-mission workhorse, becoming a common sight at heliports, hospital landing pads, police department operations centres and airports around the world.

The H125’s elegant cabin has a flat floor that can be quickly and easily reconfigured for various missions, including aerial work, firefighting, law enforcement, rescue, and passenger transport.

Safe and intuitive

The H125 offers pilots enhanced safety and reduced workload thanks to the glass cockpit instrument panel’s Garmin G500H and Vehicle & Engine Multifunction Display ® (VEMD), developed for Airbus.

The VEMD allows pilots to check the main vehicle and engine parameters with just a glance.

Supported by Airbus’ global network

Wherever you operate, a member of Airbus’ worldwide service network is nearby to provide the support you need to keep your H125 flying.

This network includes 29 customer centres and affiliate sites; more than 100 distributors, representatives, training centres, repair and overhaul facilities and maintenance centres; as well as logistics hubs in France, Hong Kong, and Germany.

From technical support, component repair, and overhaul, to spare parts support, technical publications and training – Airbus is at your service. For more information, visit our HCare Services section.


With 40 years of experience and several hundred supplemental type certificates (STC) developed for this helicopter in addition to optional equipment proposed by Airbus Helicopters, the H125 is a multi-mission helicopter able to change mission configurations in a very short amount of time.

Aerial work

The H125 can easily be reconfigured for various aerial work missions with a wide range of optional equipment, whatever the environment and the mission requirement.

The aircraft is up to the most rigorous high and hot missions, with an impressive cargo-swing load capacity of 1,400 kg (3,086 lb).

Missions include air crane operations, firefighting, power line inspection, crop spraying, news gathering, parachuting, geological surveys, wildlife survey, farming and fishing activities, etc.


Law enforcement

Day or night, this helicopter is up for the job. Fast, agile and simple to use, the H125 is operated today by police forces in some 30 countries around the world. And is the reference for law enforcement in the United States.

The H125 is well adapted for multi-role law enforcement missions including surveillance, command and control, search and pursuit, rescue, special operations, escort and border patrol in high and hot conditions. 

A variety of equipment has been developed for police missions, such as law enforcement instrument panels, search lights, electro-optical system (EOS), operator consoles, night vision goggle (NVG)-compatible light sourcing and instruments, wire strike protection, loudspeakers, downlink, rappelling, etc.

Passenger transport

Thanks to its wide, unobstructed cabin, fast cruise speed and long range, it’s easy to see why this helicopter is a favourite of private and business aviation customers; add to this its easy cabin access through two large sliding doors, forward-facing seats and three baggage compartments.

Air conditioned and roomy, the cabin experiences low vibration levels for maximum passenger comfort. In addition, a high-end interior design called Stylence® is available from Airbus for operators seeking both functionality and luxury in passenger transport.

Private and business aviation

To differentiate its approach to private and business aviation, Airbus Helicopters has introduced Airbus Corporate Helicopters – ACH – its exclusive offer providing an end-to-end service-based ownership experience.

ACH provides an exclusive platform from which customers can experience best-in-class corporate and VIP transport solutions, tailored completion, and service. ACH ensures that only the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship are on offer to customers.

The ACH range now features the ACH prefix: ACH125, ACH130, ACH135, ACH145, ACH160, and ACH175.

Please visit our dedicated website to find out more.

Emergency medical services

When configured for vital life-saving and emergency medical transportation, the H125 can carry up to four people (1 pilot, 1 patient and 2 attendants) plus medical equipment.

Technical Data


Hover ceiling OGE 3,399 m
Hover ceiling IGE 4,039 m
Fast cruise speed 260 km/h
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL 630 km
Max* endurance with standard fuel tanks SL  4h30min
Flight envelope (Temperature) -40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C
Max altitude flight 7,010 m


D-value 12.94 m
Rotor diameter  10.69 m
Cabin internal volume 3.00 m3


Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + up to 6 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 2,250 kg
Max takeoff weight with external load 2,800 kg
Useful load 992 kg
Standard fuel tank capacity 426 kg
Engine type Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2D
Takeoff power 632 kW / 847 shp


Hover ceiling OGE 11,150 ft
Hover ceiling IGE 13,250 ft
Fast cruise speed 140 kts
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL 340 NM
Max* endurance with standard fuel tanks SL  4h30min
Flight envelope (Temperature -40°C to ISA +35°C limited to 50°C
Max altitude flight 23,000 ft


D-value 42..45 ft
Rotor diameter  35.07 ft
Cabin internal volume 105.94 cu. ft


Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + up to 6 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 4,960 lb
Max takeoff weight with external load 6,173 lb
Useful load 2,186 lb
Standard fuel tank capacity 940 lb
Engine type Safran Helicopter Engines Arriel 2D
Takeoff power 632 kW / 847 shp


Four passengers

Four passengers

The one pilot and four passenger configuration is ideal for VIP or private and business aviation. With forward-facing seats and a spacious cabin, passengers can make the most of their time in the air.

Five passengers

Five passengers

The H125’s standard seating configuration of one pilot and five passengers complements commercial transport operations. Passengers benefit from ample leg-room and a comfortable ride.

Six passengers

Six passengers

The six-passenger configuration is often used by tourism and sightseeing operators. The H125’s compact cabin means every passenger has the opportunity for breathtaking views.

Additional configurations available. For more information, please contact the Airbus Helicopters sales department



Photos and videos

H125 IMG 20190901 WA0006    
H125 3S6A8054    
H125 3S6A7967    
Oklahoma Police Department H125    
Airbus Helicopters flying in formation to celebrate 50-year anniversary    
Formation flight with Airbus Helicopters: 50-year celebration    
Airbus Helicopters formation flight – 50-year anniversary    
HELITRANS / NORWAY / H125 NSC001 N° 8706    
Airbus Helicopters flying in formation to celebrate 50-year anniversary    
HELITRANS / NORWAY / H125 NSC001 N° 8706    
Airbus and Swiss Rotor Solutions promoting use of Maximum Pilot View Kit on H125/AS350 helicopters    
Forest Helicopters upgrades fleet with Airbus H125    
Air Medical Group Holdings places order for 21 Airbus helicopters for air medical missions    
Superior Helicopter signs first HCare Infinite contract in North America    
Airbus CRFS Infographic    
San Jose Police Dept's H125 in flight    
H125 San Jose Police    
H125 San Jose Police 3    
H125 San Jose Police 2    
Back of H125    
Airbus Helicopters formation flight: 50-year anniversary      
Airbus Helicopters formation flight – 50th anniversary celebration      
Airbus Helicopters formation flight – 50-year celebration      
H125 San Jose Police Department      
Namibia Ministry Of Environment And Tourism      
Botswana Police Service      
H125 Oklahoma City Police Video      
“A great airship”: Law enforcement with Oklahoma City’s H125      
H125 video presentation      
Bruno Decelle - 30,000 Flight Hours      
HAI 2016 - Mississippi Highway Safety Patrol      

H125 news

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Did you know?
Total accumulated flight hours for single engine AS350, AS550, and H125 family: 
+26 million (including the H125M)
Fleet leader: 
37,600+ flight hours for one AS350 – more than any other aircraft in Airbus’ entire helicopter range   
Longest H125 in service: 
40 years (an AS350)

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