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The all-weather long-range solution

The H225 is the choice of commercial operators and governmental agencies for its long range and all-weather search and rescue (SAR) capabilities. As a reference in its field, the H225’s autopilot provides precision, stability, flight envelope protection and pilot assistance, including dedicated SAR upper modes. 

Its payload and range capability make the H225 the most cost-effective helicopter for long-distance offshore crew changes.

The H225 also has high payload and versatile configurations to suit missions such as:

  • Aerial work
  • Firefighting
  • Passenger transport
  • Law enforcement
  • Utility missions
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The SAR reference

The H225 and H225M have been selected and operated by 20 countries for SAR missions around the world.


Rugged, strong and ready

The H225 is the latest version in Airbus’ proven Super Puma family, which has accumulated more than 5.5 million flight hours during operations around the world, in the harshest conditions including severe icing conditions and highly challenging maritime environments. Moreover, its military version, the H225M, has operated in the most demanding combat SAR (CSAR) missions.

The reference in pilot assistance for safety and mission efficiency

H225 avionics and autopilot systems reduce crew workload while enhancing safety, especially in the most demanding mission phases or conditions, through enhanced situational awareness and automatic modes or protections.

The flight crew benefits from the real-time display of power margins, and from automatic features such as automatic level-off at low heights, an automatic collision avoidance procedure, vortex ring protection, automatic rig approach up to the visual decision point, RNP approach down to LPV minima (precision approach), search pattern, automatic transition down to hover (Trans-Down), and fly away. 

The H225 is a true all-weather helicopter, the only helicopter with full de-icing certified for flights up to severe icing conditions.

The H225 is the first helicopter in the industry to benefit from an OEM-issued flight crew operating manual whose intent is to optimise the best use of the aircraft’s automation and aircraft systems in offshore missions. 

The versatile heavy-lift solution

With a wide choice of mission equipment, a multi-role railed cabin floor, quick role-change capability and a high payload, the H225 can address a wide range of missions such as commercial air transport, SAR, law enforcement, firefighting, medevac, humanitarian, disaster relief, and aerial work.



Oil & gas crew change

To meet the energy industry’s needs as exploration and production move farther offshore, the H225 combines the ability to carry 19 passengers in its air-conditioned cabin with its heavy-lift capacity and excellent range. Cabin space is unhampered by the need to carry a fuel tank, whatever the mission range.

The H225 offers an automatic rig approach mode, Rig ’N Fly, that brings the helicopter up to the landing’s visual decision point. The pilot can select either a direct or an offset approach. The navigational display shows the oil rig waypoint, oil rig radar echo, current flight plan, plus an automatic identification system (AIS) from ships which allow crews to anticipate potential obstacles and to modify the approach with a safer and more efficient trajectory.

The aircraft's role-change capacity enables a rapid reconfiguration to over-water search and rescue (SAR) duties.

Search and rescue

The H225 is recognised as the reference in SAR operations thanks to a takeoff sequence of less than five minutes; an all-weather capability including in severe icing conditions; and an extra-long range with auxiliary fuel tanks, leaving its long cabin free for the mission.

Cockpit crew benefit from SAR modes with search patterns and an automatic

transition to hover with one-metre precision starting from any flight attitude. The work of cabin crew is aided by precise hoisting and hover control from the cabin, as well as the H225’s long cabin with wet and dry areas, large windows and wide sliding doors.

A range of mission equipment is available, such as an electro-optical system (EOS), searchlights, cabin console, hailer public address system, an automatic identification system (AIS), direction finder, radar, dual hoist and stretchers.

Utility, aerial work, fire fighting

With superior lifting power, endurance and manoeuvrability, the H225 is always ready for the most rigorous utility, aerial work, firefighting and power line missions.

Thanks to the real time display of power margins and  state-of-the-art vehicle monitoring system (VMS), pilots can fully concentrate on the mission at hand. During the transportation of sling loads, the 4-axis autopilot maintains exceptional precision and stability.

Armed with powerful engines and a sling capacity of up to 4.75 tonnes, the H225 makes heavy lifting easy, while certified equipment and proven procedures ensure the highest levels of safety.

Typical missions include power line repair; pylon assembly in remote areas; cable-laying; aerial pruning; and air crane missions. The H225 is the only class-C certified helicopter for hook operations.

For firefighting missions, solutions include a belly tank, belly water cannon or water bombing kits. The H225 is a civil certified helicopter that can both battle fires and transport firefighters to and from the scene, as well as reconfigure to other missions in fires’ off-season, including passenger transport.

Private, business and governmental

The H225 can accommodate up to 11 passengers in exceptional comfort. Selected by heads of state and governments for its outstanding qualities, its attributes include a high cruise speed, low sound and vibration levels, and cabin space.

The H225’s extensive customisations include a cabin featuring one or two lounges, large armchairs, a foldable table, galley, toilet unit, and a wide selection of refined materials.

Technical Data


Hover ceiling OGE ISA 792 m
Hover ceiling IGE ISA 1,935 m
Maximun speed, Vne 324 km/h
Recommended cruise speed 262 km/h
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL 838 km
Max* range with standard fuel tanks capacity 1,135 km
Max* endurence with standard fuel tanks SL / Aux Fuel tank 4h05 min / 5h38min
Max altitude flight 6,095m (PA)


D-value 19.50 m 
Rotor diameter 16.20 m 
Internal volume  15.50 m3 


Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + 19 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 11,000 kg
Max takeoff weight with external load 11,200 kg
Useful load 5,401 kg
Max cargo sling load 4,750 kg 
Standard fuel tank capacity 2,044 kg
Standard + aux. fuel tank capacity 2,771 kg
Engine type 2 x Safran Helicopter Makila 2A1
Takeoff power 1,567 kW / 2,101 shp
One engine inoperative (OEI 30s) 1,784 kW / 2,392 shp


Hover ceiling OGE ISA 2,600 ft
Hover ceiling IGE ISA 6,350 ft
Maximun speed, Vne 175 kts
Recommended cruise speed 142 kts
Max* range with standard fuel tanks at SL 452 NM
Max* range with standard fuel tanks capacity 452 NM
Max* endurence with standard fuel tanks SL / Aux Fuel tank 4h05 min / 5h38min
Max altitude flight 20,000 ft (PA)


D-value  63.98 ft
Rotor diameter  53.14 ft
Internal volume  547.30 cu.ft


Crew + passengers 1 or 2 pilots + 19 passengers
Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 24,250 lb
Max takeoff weight with external load 24692 lb
Useful load 11,907 lb
Max cargo sling load 10,472 Ib
Standard fuel tank capacity 4,506 lb
Standard + aux. fuel tank capacity 3,508 Ib
Engine type 2 x Safran Helicopter Makila 2A1
Takeoff power 1,567 kW / 2,101 shp
One engine inoperative (OEI 30s) 1,784 kW / 2,392 shp


19 seats for passenger and offshore  transport

19 seats for passenger and offshore transport

The two pilot and 19-seat configuration is adapted for commercial passenger transport and offshore operations. The air-conditioned cabin and energy-absorbing seats in a staggered arrangement increase passenger comfort, while a central “aisle” and large windows impart a sense of space.

11 seats for VIP transport

11 seats for VIP transport

The two pilot and 11-seat configuration is a solution for VIP transport, with a front lounge outfitted with four armchairs, a second area with six comfortably-appointed VIP seats and one flight attendant seat, with room for a toilet. Sound-proofed and air-conditioned, the cabin’s space and quiet benefit both work and conversation.



The two pilot and variable seating configuration is suited to search and rescue (SAR) operations. A sample layout consists of a seating for six cabin console operators and rescuees, plus room for a medical stretcher. For high-volume rescues, the H225 can be configured with up to 18 seats or up to six stretchers.



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Did you know?
Total number of H225/H225Ms delivered
Nearly 280
Total H225/H225M cumulated flight hours More than 640,000
H225/H225M operators More than 40
Operating countries 30

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