Humans have always looked to the sky and wondered how to get there. We tried flying like birds, but that didn’t go so well! Now there are thousands of airplanes in the sky, but have you wondered how they take off and land, or even how they’re built? Let’s explore aviation together!

Aviation education: how things fly

There are loads of flying objects in the sky but not all of them have wings! There are balloons, birds, airplanes and helicopters, for example, but did you know they all fly in a different way? Watch the videos below to find out how they reach the sky!

10,000 airplanes in the sky

There are tons of planes in the sky right now! But it took a lot of brain power to get them there. Discover how we invent, power and design these flying machines – and what we’re doing to make them friendlier for our planet. 

Finding your way through the clouds! 

Ever wondered how airplanes get from one place to another? It’s no easy task to take off, turn and land again – but what can you expect on your own flying adventure? It could involve invisible highways, engines that spin the other way and chewing gum. The videos below will explain everything! 

Discovery Space


Mission to the moon


Future of the Skies