Safety will always be the top priority for everyone in the helicopter industry, whether it be in manufacturing, maintaining, certifying, piloting, or flying in a helicopter. Airbus places great importance on its continuous initiatives to increase safety in cooperation with operators, authorities and industry stakeholders. The latest advancement to come out of this partnership is the Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM).

Airbus' helicopter division has issued an FCOM for H225 aircraft that are utilised for oil and gas missions, marking the first such source document created in the rotorcraft sector. Already a standard in the fixed wing industry, this document communicates the rotorcraft manufacturer’s guidelines to operators for enhancing operational safety during routine and abnormal situations, as well as for increasing efficiency. It complements the approved Flight Manual.

Topics covered by the H225 FCOM include procedures for operating state-of-the-art glass cockpits, a focus on automated systems, and guidance on work-share among pilots – also known as Multi Crew Coordination (MCC). 

The FCOM is available on Airbus Helicopters' “e-TechPub” customer portal on AirbusWorld.

For any questions, please consult the FCOM Frequently Asked Questions or contact the Airbus Helicopters Help Desk. 

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