Airbus Helicopters is constantly developing the network of simulator centres that supports its range of civil and military rotorcraft – providing advanced training solutions that combine the benefits of actual flight and the safety of simulation tools.

Training Academies - Simulators

Many of our training academies around the world are equipped with state-of-the art Full-Flight Simulators (FFS) or Flight Training Devices (FTD) using original AIRBUS data packages to provide the most realistic mission environment without compromising the safety of participants and without using aircraft dedicated to commercial or military missions.

Currently, 25 FFSs and 3 FTDs are positioned in our training academies and are used by our network. Airbus Helicopters annually delivers more than 30,000 training hours in type rating, mission-related, recurrent, or more specific courses. Its facilities benefit from the highest standards and are fully compliant with the latest certifications.

List of aircraft version simulators:  AS332 L1 I AS365 N2 I AS332 L2 I EC155 B I EC135 P2+ I BK117 C2 I NH90 TTH I EC135 T2/P2 I AS350 B2/B3 I AS365 N3/N3 + EC225 I EC135 P2+ EC175 B I EC225 I BK117 D2 I H160 B I EC135 T3H IAS350B3e I BK117 C2 + H145


Simulator Training Courses


Recurrent Emergency Courses

These courses provide the pilot with the knowledge and proficiency required to perform emergency procedures. Upon completion, pilots will be able to land safely despite a failure scenario.

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Mission Training

Based on realistic mission scenarios, these courses provide the pilot with basic skills applied to an operational environment – such as search and rescue, mountain flight, night vision or EMS.

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Specific Courses

Simulators can be partially or entirely used to complete specific courses such as performance-based navigation or synthetic flight instruction.

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Simulation training with HMotion

From 1 March 2024, HMotion will offer flight simulator training for Airbus Helicopters' light twin-engine helicopters, the EC135, H135 and H145, for refresher courses, dry hours and check flights.

A joint venture between Airbus Helicopters and the ADAC HEMS Academy, HMotion combines the best of two worlds: the data and knowledge of Airbus as a helicopter manufacturer with the experience of ADAC Luftrettung, a world-renowned helicopter operator.

Both full-flight simulators are located at the Airbus Helicopters Training Academy in Donauworth, Germany.

Following the relocation of the simulators throughout 2025, the simulation training will take place in Munich - Oberpfaffenhofen

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