Airbus' product line of modern single-aisle and wide-body jetliners are compliant with all applicable airworthiness directives.

Review the corresponding certificates and approval documents below.

Certificates N.



FR.CAMO.0085Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation ApprovalBlagnac
BWB-35421-A14/12/01Certificate of Approval as a Contractor for the BundeswehrAll Airbus Germany sites
AIRBUS SAS_EN9100_Certificate-176407-2015Airbus Quality Management Systems - EN9100:2018 & ISO9001:2015All Airbus Sites
190089-2015-AQ-FRA-ACCREDIAAirbus Maintenance Organization QMS – EN9110:2018All Airbus Sites
FR.ATO.0005Approved Training OrganisationAll approved sites
FR.147.0002Maintenance Training OrganizationAll approved sites
897-35Airbus Avionics and Simulation Products TCCA Part 145 Repair StationToulouse
805-08TCCA Electronic Cabin Systems ApprovalBuxtehude
K30Y905YOperate an Approved Repair Station - Limited Accessory, Limited RadioBuxtehude, Germany
3XAY938BAirbus Avionics and Simulation Products FAR 145 Repair StationToulouse
F04900446Part 145 Component MaintenanceBuxtehude
DE.145.0286Part 145 Maintenance Organisation ApprovalBuxtehude
FR.145.0115Airbus Avionics and Simulation Products EASA P145 Repair StationToulouse
UAE.145.1044Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval GCAABlagnac
F03300443Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval CAACBlagnac
F03300170Airbus Avionics and Simulation Products CAAC P145 Repair StationToulouse
QCAA/FAMO/61Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval QCAABlagnac
6BUY061CPart 145 Operations Specifications FAAAll sites
6BUY061CPart 145 Maintenance Organization Approval FAAAll Airbus Sites
JCAB.141 (English) (Japanese)Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval JCABBlagnac
803-13Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval TCCABlagnac
F04900445Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval CAACGermany
FR.145.0100Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval EASAAll Airbus Sites
FR.21G.0122Airbus Avionics and Simulation Products EASA P21GFrance
EASA.21G.0001Production Organisation ApprovalAll Airbus Sites
EASA.21J.031EASA Part 21 Design Organisation ApprovalBlagnac
E-703 & E-703-1Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval DGAC ChileBlagnac
BDA/AMO/779Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval BCAABlagnac
UK.145.01676Part 145 Maintenance Organization Approval UK CAAAll Airbus Sites
UK.145.01581Airbus Avionics and Simulation Products CAA-UK P145 Repair StationToulouse
15759224776Airbus Avionics and Simulation Products NADCAPToulouse

Environmental Management System Certificates

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus (Tianjin) Delivery Center Limited - TIANJIN

Pdf197.73 KB

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus (Tianjin) Final Assembly Company Limited - TIANJIN

Pdf198.35 KB

ISO 14001:2015 Airbus (China) Enterprise Management and Services Company Limited / Airbus (Beijing) Engineering Company Limited - BEIJING

Pdf198.4 KB

Airbus maintenance organisation support documents


Airbus Self-evaluation questionnaire - May 2024 issue

Pdf371.57 KB

This document, prepared by Airbus, answers numerous customer questions related to the company’s repair/overhaul of aircraft and components.

Repair Capability List of Airbus, Satair and Approved Partners for Parts

Pdf5.32 MB

This document displays the repair capability for component repair of Airbus Maintenance Organization, Satair and approved Partners.

Airbus Affiliates and Subsidiaries

Airbus Interiors Services
Launched in 2017, Airbus Interiors Services is dedicated to creating innovative products and solutions for aircraft interiors, with the goal of improving airline revenues and enhancing the passenger experience.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Airbus, KID-Systeme is a market-leading supplier of electronic cabin systems for passenger and corporate aircraft offering complete cabin system solutions for connectivity, power and safety.

Metron Aviation
Developing air traffic flow management solutions for the global aviation industry, this Airbus subsidiary delivers increased capacity, enhanced safety, optimized efficiency, and greater predictability and sustainability.

NAVBLUE is the new generation of digital, user-friendly flight operations and air traffic management solutions. Powered by Airbus’ pioneer spirit and infused with Navtech’s agility, it combines the best of both worlds.

Serving airlines and MROs worldwide, Satair is a world leader within the commercial aftermarket and a truly global aerospace integrator. An Airbus subsidiary, it delivers integrated service solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership.

Airbus’ commitment to minimising the environmental impact of commercial jetliners throughout their life cycle is reinforced by its TARMAC AEROSAVE affiliate, a pioneering company created for the eco-friendly dismantling of end-of-life aircraft.


Associated Programme Activities

AirBusiness Academy
For more than two decades, AirBusiness Academy – an Airbus company – has developed people for the aeronautics industry, gaining insight into the management needs of professionals working in this dynamic sector.

Clean Sky
Airbus has a leading role in the European Union’s "Clean Sky Joint Technology Initiative” to develop new technologies that reduce aviation’s environmental footprint, while also reinforcing the competitiveness of Europe’s aeronautics sector.

The In-service Aircraft for a Global Observing System (IAGOS) is a European research programme to establish and operate a global infrastructure for long-term monitoring of atmospheric composition, aerosol and cloud particles with a fleet of commercially-operated long-range airliners.


Europe’s SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) joint undertaking was created to improve air traffic management for aircraft flying the region’s skies and reduce airport congestion.

Wichita State University Innovation Campus
Airbus became a resident of the Wichita State University Innovation Campus with the opening of its Airbus Americas Engineering Center at the location in April 2017.  Through this relationship, Airbus is partnering with Wichita State University within the university’s Applied Learning Model, which engages students in real-world engineering projects, helps develop critical skills that are needed for engineering now and in the future, and helps produce graduates with experience, while also boosting Airbus’ competitiveness.

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