E-Fan X is a major milestone on Airbus’ decarbonisation journey. We remain fully committed to our decarbonisation ambitions and continue to explore the disruptive technologies required to achieve them over the next decade.

A complex hybrid-electric flight demonstrator

In 2017, we launched the E-Fan X demonstrator with the ambition to test the technologies that would help decarbonise our skies. In the test aircraft, one of the four jet engines was slated to be replaced by a 2MW electric motor. 

Today, we take great pride in knowing this first-of-its-kind demonstrator has been a real game-changer for the aviation industry and a key step-change in our ambition to help decarbonise aviation.


Airbus Summit 2022 | 30 Nov - 1 Dec

Gathering pace towards sustainable aerospace

Key learnings on future flight

In less than three years, E-Fan X successfully achieved its three main initial goals:  

  • Launching and testing the possibilities – and limitations – of a serial hybrid-electric propulsion system in a demonstrator aircraft, the first of its kind in the world,
  • Gaining invaluable insights to develop a more focused roadmap on how to progress on our ambitious decarbonisation commitments,
  • Laying a foundation for the future industry-wide adoption and regulatory acceptance of alternative-propulsion commercial aircraft.

Airbus and Rolls-Royce made the joint decision to bring the E-Fan X demonstrator to an end in April 2020. We continue to explore new pathways for disruptive CO2 reduction and are leveraging the knowledge gained through E-Fan X to do so.

Technical specifications


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