Safety is the foundation of our business at Airbus, both globally and locally. Our strong safety culture is part of all our operations at Airbus in Australia Pacific, whether on the ground or in the air.

Our specialist team ensures compliance to all regulatory requirements and standards conformance in Australia and New Zealand. This team consists of the following roles: Head of Operations, Chief Test Pilot, Flight Instructors, Safety Managers, Safety Specialists, Auditors and Administrators.

The Integrated Safety Management System (iSMS) in Australia Pacific has been developed in accordance with the applicable legislative requirements, as defined by safety legislation and standards and within the jurisdictions Airbus operates. The scope of the iSMS includes all parts/sub-parts to achieve compliance and conformance applicable to Airbus:

  1. Work Health and Safety Acts & Safety Regulations (Australia & New Zealand);
  2. Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR);
  3. Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR);
  4. Civil Aviation Authority New Zealand (CAANZ);
  5. Defence Aviation Safety Regulations (DASR);
  6. European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA);
  7. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Doc 9859 & ICAO SMS Annex 19;
  8. ISO14001:2015; and
  9. ISO45001:2018.

Safety Roadshows

At Airbus, we aim to achieve a “zero accident culture”, which applies to everyone impacted by our business – our employees, our suppliers, our communities, and our customers. Airbus has several collaborative initiatives that contribute to reinforcing and enhancing safety, including Safety Roadshows.

During the safety roadshows, our Safety Team presents the latest safety topics and human factors training in an open environment, designed to encourage discussion among operators, pilots and maintenance teams.

Roadshows are available to any operator regardless of type of Airbus aircraft operated – the focus is on safety. To book a safety roadshow, contact us.

Contact the Airbus Australia Pacific Safety Team

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