One solution for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Airbus is a leading provider of turnkey solutions and managed services for protecting sovereign nations and their economic assets. We count more than 20 years’ of experience in providing security for military bases, ports and airports, sensitive industrial sites. Airbus has the know-how needed to design, develop and implement overall solutions for protecting critical infrastructure by integrating systems across all levels, including platforms, sensors, sub-systems and services.

Thus, DOME offers a holistic approach covering physical and cyber protection.

A diagram showing the various components of Airbus’ DOME integrated security solution for critical infrastructure.
  •  Real Time Situational Awareness:

      -   unified concept of operation,

      -    interoperability & coordination,

       -   short decision loop,

       -   reliable secured communication.

  • Effective and efficient use of resources:

       -   tools to train & prepare resources,

       -   capitalisation of the learning from previous activities.

  • Resilient solution
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