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Security Solutions

Security Solutions

Protecting people’s ways of life

In an ever more complex and versatile environment generating social, industrial and natural risks at a global scale, Airbus’ focus is on protecting people’s ways of life. Our objective is to fulfil the requirements of the security market today and in the future with the latest reliable technology and most attractive service packages.


In order to best meet customers’ expectations in securing maritime areas, critical infrastructure and state frontiers we offer off-the-shelf, core products and services based on 30 years of experience, as well as tailored solutions. Our aim is to provide dedicated, scalable, cost-effective and secure solutions.


By combining relevant platforms, sensors and services, accurate and traceable data are collected. These data are analysed and aggregated in real or semi-real time to perform high-added value analyses with help of artificial intelligence as historical data analysis, pattern recognition or abnormal behaviour identification. The associated insights deliver a relevant situational awareness picture and facilitate decision-making and actions – both preventive and reactive. Thus, Airbus’ solutions and services do not only meet our customers’ security requirements but, more extensively, support them to sustain and maintain their operations.


Airbus designs, implements and manages the solutions and services needed to fulfil everyday missions:

  • MARITIME SECURITY – Over 50% of the worldwide maritime traffic is monitored with our unique STYRIS maritime safety and security solution. STYRIS offers Vessel Traffic Services (VTS), Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS), and Critical Maritime Infrastructure Protection.
  • FRONTIER SECURITY - Airbus has implemented the largest country-wide systems to secure national frontiers based on BorderCore capability pillars for integrated security solutions.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE SECURITY - We secure more than 1/3 of German military sites (including munition depots and training areas) and are developing new projects in Europe.
  • DIGITAL SERVICES & MANAGED SERVICES - We are offering new ways to develop business in a digital transformation context. Managed and digital services are increasing the added value and can address a broader range of customers’ needs.


Committed to our customers, we value long term partnerships. Airbus supports the transfer of technology and competences to ensure an effective implementation and to foster co-creation processes. By designing new tailored processes and by implementing phased approaches, we tackle, together with our customers, the challenges ahead.

AIRBUS Security Solutions – offering next generation solutions to support your security missions


By combining our expertise in C5ISR and system integration, Security Solutions, a business unit of Airbus Defence and Space, addresses our customers’ operational needs by providing adaptable solutions and services to support missions in following areas: Read less Read more

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