Multi-Domain Superiority

Multi-Domain Superiority

At a time of drastic change, and in a highly interconnected and competitive world, new threats to our way of life are emerging.

Modern and future combat systems need to adapt to this new form of danger. Capabilities to overpower adversaries as diverse as local asymmetric forces, global stateless organizations or new hostile technologically-advanced countries, rely on network-enhanced collaboration combat systems. Whether at home or in an operational theatre, excellence is needed to ensure Multi-Domain Superiority.

New threats, new challenges

To face these new challenges, we have to master the entire battlespace through distributed, cooperative Manned and Unmanned System of Systems - including cyber, space, air, sea and land.

Following the operational loop: See & Anticipate, Connect & Disseminate, Understand & Decide, Act & Support and Maintain & Protect, our customers can rely on Airbus Defence and Space current and future portfolio to support the success of their missions.

Multi-Domain Superiority for Enhanced Operations

This Multi-Domain Superiority approach is tailored for customers’ missions and needs.

For Enhanced Operations, we combine over 50 years of field-proven technology, in operation all over the world with the next generation systems of systems evolving in highly denied environments and accelerated operational tempo .

Based on a unique value proposition, from satellites and related services, aircraft, helicopters and Unmanned Aircraft Systems to soldiers, Airbus delivers actionable intelligence to make the right decision at the right time throughout the whole chain of command. 

Airbus is your trusted partner for smart defence and security solutions tailored to the operational needs of forces deployed in the field.

Read on for more information on our how airland customers’ operational missions can rely on Airbus' portfolio and future developments such as FCAS, Multi-Domain Combat Cloud and Network For The Sky, and about the importance of data dominance in today's complex world.

See & Anticipate

Gain an extensive view of threats environmental conditions and operational issue

Connect & Disseminate

Enable smarter decision-making through trusted connectivity, secure networking and end-to-end services

SpaceDataHighway   enables users to transfer data (including imagery, video and voice) from their Low-Earth Observation satellites and airborne platforms  by means of laser communications via the EDRS-A and EDRS-C geostationary satellites to receiving ground stations in Europe. The SpaceDataHighway service represents a major change in the speed of space communications to deliver unique and secure data transfer services in real time. Learn more about SpaceDataHighway

Satellite Communications Services when you need them the most. With strong and trusted partnerships across all major commercial satellite network operators, as well as operating ourselves a fleet of x-band satellites, we guarantee flexible, assured satellite communications capability with multi-level secure services anywhere in the world. Learn more about Satellite communications

SatCom Systems and Infrastructure is not just about the hardware – it is about bridging the gap between you and the satellite at a system level. We are experts in designing, developing, installing, operating and managing custom management systems, offering you range of terminals for all missions requirements and resilient modem technology to provide you with a total end-to-end capability with security by design. Learn more about Satellite communications

Network For The Sky securely and reliably connects all your airborne assets together with the rest of your operations. It operates over a mix of technologies to form one resilient, high-speed global network that supports the most advanced applications. It allows all mission participants to communicate during the entire mission, giving you enhanced situational awareness for faster, better decision-making and rapid response. Learn more about Network for the Sky

Smart MRTT combines various communication technologies in a resilient, unified, secure, highly interoperable, mesh network:

  • Satellite and ground communications
  • Air-to-ground,  ground-to-air  and air-to-air tactical links
  • 5G mobile communications and laser connections

Hybrid Networks delivers secure multi-network connectivity across different types of networks whether wired or wireless, and whether airborne, on the ground or in the space segment. Through orchestration of information and network services we enable fast response to emerging situations ensuring our customers have the information and capabilities that they need, when they need them.

Understand & Decide

Gain value from data in our digitally connected world

OneAtlas provides access to premium imagery, defence-specific insights, innovative analytics and more. Our imagery services allow users to download or stream Airbus imagery from the platform or access imagery within their own application via our flexible APIs. Users can also leverage OneAtlas analytics to get insights to make actionnable decisions in the Defence & Intelligence fields.

Among Airbus’ ISR solutions, the one related to multi-source intelligence exploitation enables the intelligence cycle and manages requests in a joint and multi-national context. This solution combining multi-int knowledge building, Geoint visualisation benefits and intelligence production supports the national defence intelligence community through the provision of tools, functions and capabilities for intelligence-led operations at tactical and strategic levels.

Fortion® C2 Suite allows the diffusion of command orders at all levels (Joint, Command post, vehicle and dismounted soldier) while controlling and conducting a mission. Highly interoperable, flexible and scalable, it provides an improved situtation awareness under combat conditions (narrow bandwidth, disrupted networks).

Massive Intelligence is a collaborative platform for unified exploitation of all available data and knowledge production. This cloud- based intelligence platform provides tools to automate the extraction of key information from huge amounts of multi-sources heterogeneous data, automatic alerts and assisted monitoring.

Act & Support

Use versatile solutions with more sophisticated mission packages for operational success

Eurofighter is the most powerful swing role fighter.

It offers a flexible choice of weapons and is equipped with advanced sensors and data fusion systems.

Eurofighter comes with a flexible and cost effective sustainment that ensures a benchmark high availability in international deployments. Learn more on Eurofighter

A400M combines both strategic and tactical capabilities. It enables the transport of heavy and outsized loads over long distances while operating on short and unpaved airstrips and over hostile environments. As a built-in tactical tanker, it brings more fuel closer to the front line while keeping a clean cargo hold configuration. Learn more on A400M

A330 MRTT represents the most capable new generation tanker and transport aircraft.

  • Combat proven air-to-air refuelling systems
  • Complete flight deck crew integration

It enables extensively various missions such as air-to-air refuelling, flexible transport and MEDEVAC. Learn more on A330 MRTT

FCAS (Future Combat Air System) will ensure Future Air Power supremacy, the key to European and national sovereignty. In the most complex threat scenarios, FCAS will deliver increasing operational effects by leveraging the collaborative capabilities of connected platforms, bringing the next level of Air Power to highly denied environment. Learn more about FCAS

NH90 is a mature aircraft offering the best balance of capabilities:

  • Exceptional agility
  • Damage tolerant with multiple, redundant fly-by-wire paths
  • Stealthy composite construction
  • Fully effective, versatile and flexible

Learn more about NH90

Fortion® SAMOC is the state-of- the-art management system that offers an end-to-end solution for the coordination at strategic level of all Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) assets country-wide, and when necessary, in joint and combined operations.

Both NATO and non-NATO countries such as Germany, Hungary and KSA, are currently using Fortion SAMOC.

H160M integrates cutting edge technology for superior performance:

  • Simpler logistics and improved availability, in line with French MoD strategic objectives (“MCO Aéro”)
  • Modular and versatile, the H160 can perform a large diversity of military missions assigned to the HIL for the 3 forces.

Learn more about H160M

Maintain & Protect

Secure all the dimensions of the battlefield, guarantee resource availability, and train personnel

With vast experience of providing end- to-end support solutions in the most demanding environments, we ensure assets are mission-ready where and when needed. Our SmartForce digital solutions exploit advanced analytics of data stored in our military aircraft and helicopter and allow data-driven, proactive decision making for smart and efficient sustainment of the assets throughout their lifecycle. Learn more about SmartForce

Airbus is the leading provider of CyberSecurity in Europe and secures critical IT infrastructures and production environments thanks to:

  • Expertise in specialised areas, e.g. forensics
  • Early detection and immediate reaction to targeted cyber attacks
  • State-of-the-art technologies and analysis methods

CyberRange is an advanced simulation solution that enables the modelling of IT/OT systems, composed of tens or hundreds of machines to simulate realistic scenarios including real cyber-attacks. It is used by administrators, integrators, testers, trainers and more to design virtualised or hybrid networks, emulate unit activities or to launch complex scenarios reproducing a realistic activity.

Fortion® SIMFAC is a virtual simulation solution for the training of Forward Air Controller, to designate the target on the ground for air support.

The system is NATO certified.

The SIMFAC simulation system provides immersive virtual environment for Forward Air Controller (FAC), Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Forward Observer (NFO), artillery observer and sniper-spotter training.

Airbus Multi-Domain Superiority for Enhanced Operations, Holistic Multi-Domain Defence

Be dominant and get advantage from our connected solutions to fulfill your main missions

The future battlespace calls for:

  • New level and ways of integration and interoperability
  • Higher flexibility and mobility
  • Data processed in milliseconds to make right decisions
  • In complex Multi-Domain environment seamless cooperation across all domains
  • Digital interoperability and multi-level security solutions
  • Collaborative activities between manned and unmanned assets
  • Handling masses of data throughout the mission cycle from collection to assessment and provision
  • The availability and accuracy of full situational awareness
  • The effectivity to operate in this millisecond driven environment
  • Cyber resilient network and cloud infrastructure for all domains

The next generation combat cloud relies on Airbus’ unrivalled experience in secure connectivity, data & analytics and end-to-end cyber resilience. 

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