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EF Switzerland

Eurofighter for Switzerland: The suitable solution

As the world’s most advanced swing-role combat aircraft, Eurofighter provides unprecedented capabilities for Switzerland as well as fortifying the already deep connections between Swiss industry and the partner companies.

The Eurofighter is faster, flies higher and provides more reliability than any of its competitors – all of which ensure Swiss sovereignty in air policing and air defence. The aircraft has been designed with sovereignty as a key feature. Consequently, the Eurofigher does not require inaccessible black boxes that are operated by outside countries and provides complete data sovereignty and technology access to the user nation alone, enabling fully independent Swiss operation.

Airbus and Eurofighter are committed partners to the Swiss industry. As Europe’s leading aerospace and defence company and fighter jet, they already maintain a strong working relationship with more than 200 suppliers across Switzerland. By choosing the Eurofighter, Switzerland would stand to gain even more attractive and sustainable business opportunities for its industry.

Eurofighter is the only combat aircraft that offers wide-ranging operational capabilities, while delivering unparalleled fleet effectiveness and safety at the same time. For these reasons and more, it has become the fighter of choice for air forces across Europe and the backbone of their airpolicing efforts.

Outstanding performance and response times will allow the Eurofighter to be effective in Swiss air policing and air defence operations. With the highest acceleration and fast-steep climb rates, Eurofighter will deliver the quickest reaction and the most effective protection for Switzerland’s dense and narrow airspace.

Eurofighter for Switzerland - The suitable solution: Faster, Higher, Reliable

  • Airborne in 7 sec
  • At 30.000 feet altitude in less than 90 seconds
  • 99% mission availability in NATO Baltic Air Policing

Eurofighter Capabilities



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