How to build an A400M 

How to build an A400M 

Go behind the scenes


ave you ever wondered how the A400M is built? With production underway for the 100th aircraft, Airbus is providing an exclusive, ongoing look behind the curtain – taking you inside the various European facilities as this milestone A400M comes together over the months ahead.

Building the 100th A400M

In a series of videos Airbus will show how the A400M next-generation versatile airlifter is built - from the production and assembly of structural components to the finishing touches, like painting, until it’s ready for its maiden flight.


Watch the last video in the series: Best of

Watch an A400M come together from start to finish – beginning with the production and build-up of its key structural components, and continuing through the final tests before delivery. 


From start to finish: building the A400M

Watch all the videos in the series!

Pre-final assembly

Discover the fuselage assembly in Bremen      
Discover the key structures in Tablada      
Discover the digitalization and testing in Tablada      
Discover the radome in Nantes      
Discover the General assembly in Nantes      
Discover the painting in Bremen      
Discover the "DRAS Test" in Bremen      
Discover the  Implementing Mixer in Bremen      
Discover Hydraulic lines in Stade      

Transport with Beluga

Discover the loading into the Beluga      
Discover the arrival of the wings in San Pablo      


Testing, testing…      
Time for dataloading      
Discover the most modern functional digital test system      
Discover the tail and wings assembly at Station 40      
Discover the Assembly in Seville  with digital tools      
Discover the joining of the wings in San Pablo      
Discover the wing testing at Station 70      
Discover the junction of nose section and fuselage      
Installation station      
A400M - MSN100 Painting Process      
A400M MSN100 First Flight      

Advanced, proven and certified


Airbus’ A400M is a success story more than 15 years in the making. Launched in 2003 to respond to the combined needs of multiple European nations, this next-generation airlifter entered service a decade later and has since demonstrated unmatched versatility on military and humanitarian missions around the globe.

Production and delivery of the milestone 100th aircraft is a major milestone for the A400M, which to date has been provided to the military forces of France, Germany, Malaysia, the UK, Spain and Turkey – with future deliveries planned for Belgium and Luxembourg, as well.

Airbus sites supporting production of the 100th A400M.

Infographic highlighting the Airbus sites that support A400M production.

Want to know more about A400M ? Click here !  

Want to know more about A400M ? Click here !

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