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UK Retirement Plan

All new employees become members of the Airbus UK Retirement Plan ("the Plan") upon joining the Group.

How the Plan works

Here's a brief overview of the main features of the Plan:

  • You and your employer pay into your Retirement Fund; there are three levels of contribution, known as 'matching contributions' plus you are also able to pay more.
  • You decide how to invest your money, either into the Airbus Group Core Lifestyle Profile or you can choose from a range of funds available.
  • When you retire, you will use the money built up in your account to buy your retirement benefits - you can choose a regular income and a tax-free cash sum.
  • When you join the Plan your contributions start at 4% of your basic salary with a company contribution of 6%. In the first three months you will be given the option to change your contribution levels and investment options. After the first three months you will be given the option to change the contribution levels on an annual basis.

You can also download the member booklet and investment guide by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

The following forms are also available to download:

Expression of Wish form - use this to help the Trustee decide who any death benefits should be paid to.

Matching contributions form - use this to switch to Matching Contributions +1 or +2 during your first three months of membership.

Paying extra form - use this if you want to start, stop or change your additional contributions.

The Plan provides for lump sum death benefits of six times your basic salary if you die whilst you are an in service member so please keep your Expression of Wish Form up to date.

The Plan also provides partial income protection for in service members. This is provided under an insurance policy for members who have to stop work due to medical reasons. The replacement income provided under this protection is 50% of your basic salary and is payable for up to five years, subject to meeting the insurer’s policy terms and conditions.

Remember if you have any queries about the Plan, you can email us at


This part of the site aims to help you to choose the funds in which to invest your personal Retirement Fund.

The Airbus UK Retirement Plan (the Retirement Plan) is a defined contribution pension scheme.  This means that when you retire, you can use the money that has built up in your Retirement Fund to provide income in your retirement; for example to buy a pension (also known as an annuity).  The value of your Retirement Fund will depend on the amount you and your employer pay in and the investment returns of the funds you choose.

The Trustee of the Plan has set up an automatic investment option; called the Airbus Drawdown Lifestyle.

Alongside the Airbus Drawdown Lifestyle are two other lifestyles and a range of individual funds in which you can choose to invest.

Further details on all Lifestyle Options and Self Select funds are available via the documents below.

If you are unsure where to invest your Retirement Fund, you may wish to seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA).  There is normally a charge for this service.  To find an IFA in your area you can contact IFA Promotion Limited on 0800 085 3250 or visit their website (

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