Women at Airbus: Asia-Pacific

Enkhjargal Bavuudorj, Technical Support Rep, Airbus Helicopters Japan 

Born and raised in Mongolia, I used to study music and dance. One day, my teacher shared with me about the exciting development in the Japanese aerospace industry, and encouraged me to consider pursuing aviation as a career there. With much excitement, I took an entry test, passed an interview and was subsequently awarded a scholarship with the Japan Aviation Academy ‘Nihon Koukuu Gakuen’.

I came to Japan when I was 15 years old and started a very fulfilling journey in aviation.

I graduated with a major in design engineering and have been working for Airbus Helicopters Japan for seven years now.

As a technical support representative of the H155/AS365 helicopter programmes, I provide technical solutions to customers and ensure safe operations for their helicopter fleets.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded by colleagues with a great passion in aviation. I love my job as what I do brings value to our customers, who are our everyday heroes – contributing to the society in their respective fields of work, be it in rescue missions, medical evacuation, fire-fighting, commercial transportation or news gathering for TV broadcasting corporations. They are such an inspiration to me.

At Airbus, I can use my technical knowledge to make a positive impact on our customers’ operations.



Nicole Gemmell, Chief of Staff, Airbus Australia

My Name is Nicole Gemmell. I have been working for Airbus for almost 9 years, in the Australia Pacific region. While I started with the company in a Personal Assistant role, I am now the region’s first female Chief of Staff to the Managing Director for Airbus. I am fortunate in my role as I am engaged with many areas of our company, including the local helicopter programs such as ARH Tiger, NH90, but also with the civil helicopter teams, our MRO capabilities across the ditch in NZ and in the southern states of Australia, along with our commercial aircraft division, especially when we are fortunate enough to host a demo tour like the A220 in our region. Not only do I get to see our products in action, but I also am able to see behind the scenes with our Executive Leadership Team and the strategic view of the local Airbus footprint. 

With Airbus, I am able to contribute, influence and be part of how we make it fly; locally, regionally and globally.


Heng Miao Ling, Airbus Commercial, Singapore

When I first graduated with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, I would not have imagined spending the next 16 years, and counting, in the aviation industry.

I love the dynamism that exudes from the world of aviation, and I am very appreciative of the experiences I have had so far in my aviation journey.

When I first started out, I worked for an established aerospace electronics manufacturer at one spectrum of the supply chain, thereafter spending a few years with an aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul company, and now at the other end of the ecosystem with Airbus’ 100% owned subsidiary, Satair, in OEM parts distribution.

At Satair, I was given many opportunities to try out different roles, from product management and customer solutions, to a recent new role that I am very excited to land in. Today, I lead a global team providing solution analytics for all business case proposals to customers.

It may sound cliché, but there is never a dull day when you love what you do. That I can fully attest to.

At Airbus, I get to develop my full potential and in turn contribute meaningfully to support business objectives.

Anubha Jain, Head of Controlling, Airbus India

I am a Chartered Accountant with over 17 years of experience in the world of Corporate Finance. Currently I Head Finance &  Controlling at Airbus India. 

I have been contributing to the overall Airbus business strategy and its performance by working in close collaboration with businesses and functions.  We at Finance, present the facts and statistics that provide a platform for the business to grow, and allows it to realise its vision through the formulation of effective strategy thereby making effective utilization of finances. In many ways, my work is to be a resilient strength of our organisation. Airbus provides a perfect blend of growth opportunities and work-life balance.

At Airbus, I have access to a great platform to network with diverse teams across businesses and divisions and work together towards a shared purpose.


Hazirah Othman, Senior Structure Repair Engineer, Malaysia

My name is Hazirah Othman and for the past four years I have been working with the Repair Solution group in Airbus, providing customers with appropriate instructions to repair aircraft and damaged structural parts.

I have always enjoyed interacting with people from diverse backgrounds and Airbus has set a great example where a company should value diversity. Working with people from all walks of life helps shed different perspectives and offers great learning opportunities. I am grateful to have the chance to work with customers from all over the world with an incredibly rich experience.

With Airbus, I get to work in a diverse environment and alongside cross-functional teams regularly. Together, we effectively run the day-to-day needs of our customers.

Vibha Singh, FSTD Technician, Airbus India Training Centre

I am an engineer at heart and a great fan of flying.

For me working at Airbus was like a dream come true. I always aspired to work with Airbus since the beginning of my career. I am a qualified engineer specialised in Aeronautics and a work experience of two years in the maintenance department of Flight Simulation Technique Centre. The fact that makes it unique and interesting for me is that I can experience both flying and engineering at the same time. It is fascinating to know how a minute variation can create a difference in the entire dynamics. Without entering the real cockpit, I can understand the avionics of aircraft and experience flying. Here at Airbus, days are always full of learnings; apart from the technical affairs, I also get to interact with the customers on a day-to-day basis.

Being in a field where presence of women is relatively small, Airbus gave me the freedom to do what I love and a sense of equality that empowers me to dream big. 

At Airbus, sky is not the limit. There is no constraint on your growth. You can learn and grow continuously.


Gayathri Swaminathan, Head of Aircraft & Flight Analytics Group, Airbus India

From being a scientist and a technologist, to being an entrepreneur and finally a manager, I have worked in various domains within the company and am now currently the Head of Aircraft and Flight Analytics group.

I have been in multiple roles at Airbus, which gave me the possibilities to learn and explore all facets of my career in this organisation. Being the only woman manager in the Engineering Centre at Airbus in India, I take pride in working in a position that gives me a unique opportunity to work with people from diverse backgrounds. Airbus helps me in completing my career trajectory; as it helps me accomplish the first STEP in my career, literally & figuratively! My academic and professional excellence can be further summarised in the following manner; S- as a Scientist during my PhD for 5 years, T- as a Technologist in Flight Physics for 8 years, E- as an Entrepreneur as I worked to develop a new business model to initiate the Urban Air Mobility chapter in India, P-as a People Manager, since July 2019.

At Airbus, I really feel proud to be a part of the company as it allows me to realise my potential and dream!

Melanie Tolentino, Airbus Helicopters Philippines

My most memorable experience joining Airbus back in 1997 was when I was invited on a helicopter flight for the first time. That flight changed my perspective towards aviation in a positive way.

I joined the company right after I completed my studies and have been working for Airbus Helicopters in the Philippines for more than 20 years now, taking on various roles ranging from logistics and customer service, to sales and marketing. Today, I lead the local Sales team based in Manila.

I love my job as it allows me to engage with our customers. Hearing all the positive testimonials on how Airbus has helped improve their day-to-day operations, enabling them to run their companies more efficiently, is my everyday joy.

I also love that there is a genuine spirit of co-operation and shared goals in my workplace. While most of the 50-man team are Filipino, I am happy to work in an environment that embraces diversity, as we work with colleagues from our Europe headquarters and the Asia-Pacific region to support our local operations. Despite our different backgrounds, we find a common ground to work collaboratively.

At Airbus, I use my expertise to make a difference to customers’ experiences with our helicopters.


Shuang Wang, Government Sales Manager, Airbus Helicopters China

My name is Shuang WANG, but my colleagues call me by my English name, Katherine. I’ve been working for Airbus since September 2007 at the helicopter division.

I began my career with Airbus Helicopters as a customer services manager and then later as an oil & gas marketing manager.  From late 2015, I’ve been happily working as government sales manager focused on the promotion and sales of Airbus helicopters. I’ve been involved in the sales of 33 helicopters, including China’s first H125 and first H215 in 2008 and 2019 respectively, as well as 17 medium-heavy rotorcraft for oil & gas transportation.

I love my job because it motivates me to be a more professional person enabling me to support my customers. I must understand their demands and expectations, as well as those of their end-users, in order to promote and provide the most appropriate helicopters with functional equipment, ensuring Airbus Helicopters operators can fulfill their incredible missions in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way.

I have many stories to tell of our customers flying Airbus helicopters over the sea, in the mountains, over plateaus, and in very remote places for rescuing, surveying powerlines, or firefighting… there are too many to say. But in one sentence, the helicopter is a unique flying machine for saving lives. If we say commercial aircraft make the world smaller, helicopters make the world more beautiful.

These missions wouldn’t be possible without relying on us for support and services. When handling a customer’s request or requirements, I always feel so grateful to be an Airbus member, as our management and colleagues really work as one team to solve problems, improve services and develop the quality of our offer. It is always a team effort to satisfy our customers by close cooperation between functions. It is an amazing job.

With Airbus, I help our customers perform impossible missions with Airbus helicopters, supported by a strong team of Airbus people in China.

Rong Yang, Airbus Defence and Space, China

I started my career as the No.4 local employee in Beijing Spot Image (BSI), a joint venture of Airbus on earth observation imagery services in 2000. At that time, satellite imagery and its application was a brand new business in Chinese market, which also revealed a new and exacting world for me. Started as a sales and marketing manager with neither technique experience nor sales experience, I made my every effort to develop my skills in the field of remote sensing both in terms of technology and business. 

I luckily won the sales champion during my 1st year in BSI which made me confident to achieve a higher goal. As the business growing rapidly, I was taking more responsibility as the manager of custom services since 2002 in addition to my marketing and sales role, and still remaining a satisfied sales record. 

In 2005, I was nominated as the account manager of Land use and Mapping which was the most important accounts and contributed over 60% of revenue for the company. I have been working as a marketing and channel sales director since 2011. Starting from scratch, we have 5 solid channel partners now and contributed stably increasing sales revenue to the company.

I am very lucky to grow with BSI from the beginning, and now with Airbus. I can’t be more grateful for the trust, cooperation and strong support from the team. As part of Airbus, BSI and I will have more and more opportunities to work with colleagues from other functions of Airbus. With 20 years incredible journey, I believe that I could always keep my passion to do better with my team to satisfy our Chinese customers.

Thanks to the incredible platform provided by Airbus, I am proud to be a part of the team introducing and promoting the latest and cutting-edge spatial and earth observation technology to our Chinese customers and business partners.


Women at Airbus


Enkhjargal, Japan

Nicole, Australia

Miao Ling, Singapore

Anubha, India

Hazirah, Malaysia

Vibha, India

Gayathri, India

Melanie, Philippines

Shuang, China

Rong, China

Samantha, UK

Katherine, UK

Susan, France

Maylis, France

Jacqueline, UK

Georgie, UK

Sara, Spain

Anne, France

Silke, Germany

Lucy, UK

Sabine, Germany

Aurelie, France

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Aida, Chile

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Sabrina, Brazil

Sofía, Argentina

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Macarena, US

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Florentina, Canada

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