Women at Airbus: Americas

Aida Andrade, Airbus Helicopters, Chile

I’m an aeronautic engineer originally from Venezuela. I have been working for Airbus Chile for almost 4 years now on different positions in the Helicopter division.

Now I am part of the workshop as a customization manager, maintenance supervisor and subrogate Technical representative, and actively participate in the MRO improvement.

I love my job as it lets me work with almost all of our helicopter range and learn different things about them every day – it also lets me work directly with our customers, hear their experiences working with the helicopters in different missions, especially firefighting as Chile has had some difficult years with firefighting.

It is gratifying to know that we help them have their aircraft in the best conditions to do their job safely and thus help the population and nature; evacuating or rescuing them from dangerous zones, quick transportation for immediate medical attention, prevent the fires to expand, etc.

As part of Airbus, I get to help people do their jobs safely so that they can focus on their critical missions

Krista Bauer, Composite Layup Supervisor, Airbus Helicopters Canada

I joined Airbus nearly 19 years ago because I was interested in the opportunities to grow professionally, travel the world and learn exciting new things. I am pleased to say that my career at Airbus has delivered on those expectations.

My career as a Layup Technician progressed to a Layup Lead Hand, and I was promoted to Composite Layup Supervisor in 2012. Those experiences have served me well as a leader because I know first-hand what my team needs from me in order to be successful and I remember how I wanted to be treated when I was in their positions.

What I enjoy the most about my work is that there are always new challenges to overcome and opportunities to learn. Working at Airbus has also allowed me to travel and see places like France and Germany that I would never have seen otherwise. I feel very privileged to say that I am a woman working in an exciting and unique industry.

At Airbus, I am able to take pride in the helicopters I helped make, providing safety and quality in each step.

Esther Beckett, Instructor Pilot at Airbus Helicopters Inc. 

I am an Instructor Pilot for Airbus in Grand Prairie, Texas.

I am originally from France but throughout my flying career, I have flown over many different continents and trained students from all over the world. I especially enjoyed mountain flying, from the freezing mountain tops in Italy to the desert Grand Canyon.

I enjoy learning from different cultures brought together by a common passion for aviation.

As an instructor pilot, there are many different sides to my job, it is challenging but also very rewarding to be part of a common drive towards excellence. My work is inscribed within a team with the same drive which adds a lot of value to our operation. The support the wider team offers is experienced by everyone who comes into contact with the Flight Operations department, including myself and my students.

At Airbus, I especially thrive in the international environment of the training department.

With Airbus, I train pilots from the most diverse professional background and nationalities and I am proud to contribute to the safety of their operations.


Sabrina Fernandes, Head of Helibras Training Centre, Brazil 

I have been working in Helibras, Airbus Helicopters in Brazil, for almost 14 years.

I started as intern in the Training Centre when I was studying Business Administration and later I got offered a job as commercial analyst where I was in charge of training offers and contract performance. Later on I got the opportunity of managing new light and medium helicopter contracts for civil and parapublic customers before returning to the training department as a supervisor in 2016.

I am now the Head of the Training Centre, which is located in Itajuba in the Minas Gerais State, where Helibras has its H125 and H225 assembly lines and engineering centre.

In my role I have to ensure the capabilities of the Helibras Training Centre to deliver training to pilots and technicians from all the countries in Latin America and for the Airbus helicopter models.  It is great to contribute to the implementation of Airbus Helicopters’ worldwide training strategy, making sure we deliver a training offer to the highest standards of quality. For that, I take care of the continuous qualification and update of our instructors, our technical means, and our pedagogical tools. I love having the opportunity to exchange ideas and experiences with employees and customers who love flying and carrying out a wide range of missions.

With Airbus, I contribute to making our customers’ operations safer, providing them with the best training practices in the industry.

Sofía Giaquinta, Head of Argentina office, Airbus Defence and Space

I'm an aeronautical engineer and I graduated from a university from one of the southernmost countries in the world. My early career started in the aerospace field in both the civil aviation and defense market, and then I shifted to the automotive business for some years.

Still with my head in the sky, I moved to France, where I started to work closely in the Airbus environment, providing consulting services for the A350 program. Due to family decisions we moved again, this time to Singapore and I changed to the naval defense field, selling services and solutions to governments in South East Asia.

I joined Airbus Defence and Space one year ago, with two big challenges: opening the new office in Argentina and coming back to my own country…. I still don't know which one was the most challenging! 😊 My new role here is to be in charge of business development for the whole Airbus Defence and Space portfolio in the country.

At Airbus, I feel like I'm part of a big family that I'm very proud of. Every day I have the opportunity to learn more from the highly qualified professionals of the company and in return, to contribute with my knowledge gathered from my international experience and from the different industries that I worked in before.

Ana Maluf, Training Coordinator, Airbus Helicopters, Chile

I’ve worked as a Training Coordinator for Airbus for almost 4 years now, in the Helicopters division.

Joining the company has been both an honor and a challenge at the same time. As an International Relations specialist, I did not have much idea about the aeronautical world when I first entered the company; however, as the daughter of an engineer and airplane pilot, I felt like fulfilling my father’s dream, and I gradually started to deep dive into this new and astonishing world.

The most interesting part of my job is that there is never one day like the other. As a small subsidiary, the training scope for either technicians or pilots offered here in Chile is limited to French light helicopters, mainly AS350 B3 and EC130. Nevertheless, throughout the whole ConoSur region, Airbus is present with a fleet of around 300 units, ranging from light single to heavy multiengine helicopters. Therefore, our mission here in Chile is to find the most convenient training solution to our clients within our whole training network, what makes our routine very dynamic and multicultural.

I feel proud to be part of this team, which is strongly committed to deliver the best training options to our clients, and thereof making sure to improve the safety index within the region.

With Airbus, we make sure to increase the customers’ awareness on the importance of flying safely, no matter what their missions are!


Macarena Molina, Americas Customer Centres Coordinator for the Tech Data department, US

I joined Airbus after graduating as an engineer in Commercial Aviation in Chile and now it has been 8 years since I have been part of this company.

I started at Airbus Helicopters in Chile as a Technical Documentation manager and I was in charge of subscriptions and technical support to customers related to technical publications and online services. This helped me to get to know Airbus services and products and especially to learn and build relationships with customers.

Then I was transferred to Airbus Helicopters in France for 18 months as Customer Centre agent in the same department to be the interface between our customer centres and the Mother Company. I learned the roots of all our processes and the different departments involved in our daily work which was great to complement my experience in a customer centre.

With all the knowledge gathered I’m working now at Airbus Helicopters Inc. in the US and I am the Americas Customer Centres Coordinator for the Tech Data department. I support all the American divisions regarding policies and processes and I ensure the compliance of our activity.

At Airbus I use my personal and professional skills to understand my colleagues’ needs and help them to have an easygoing day-to-day experience. 

Helene Trudel, Procurement director for A220 - Propulsion and Air System Commodity, Canada

Well over 25 years ago, I began my career within the Aerospace Industry and I can hardly believe how time has flown by.

I spent most of my career at Bombardier Aerospace in the Procurement department supporting Commercial Aircraft, Business Aircraft as well as Specialized Aircraft. I had the chance to participate in the entry into service of the Global Express business jets in the 1990s as well as the C Series aircraft in 2016, known today as the A220.

Being part of a professional team, working with internal key stakeholders, managing suppliers worldwide, continuously learning more and more about the industry, as well as aircraft performance and industrialization aspects, results in never living a dull moment. There is no doubt that in my day-to-day work, I need to fully apply different skillsets and competencies to effectively contribute to a multi-functional team in order to successfully obtain goals. Strong leadership and team work are key. 

My proudest moment is when my eight year old son recognizes my involvement in the aircraft manufacturing industry. On our last family vacation, once settled on the plane, he said: “I am excited to fly on a plane my mom built!” 

I consider myself blessed that even after all these years, I am still passionate and engaged in my career and eager to face new challenges. In 2018, I joined the Airbus Family and I am ready for a few more decades of adventure!

At Airbus, I am frequently reminded of what a privilege it is for me to be part of such an amazing industry.


Florentina Viscotchi, Director, Avionics, Electrical, EMC and Cabin Systems, A220, Canada

I have been privileged to work in aerospace from the day I graduated Aerospace Engineering (specialty Propulsion Systems) in Romania.

My career journey started in Romania at TAROM airline where I worked on the Airbus A310 in Maintenance Engineering, then moved to Canada where I started working at Rolls Royce as Field Service Representative, then in Engineering in Bombardier and now at Airbus Canada.

Surrounded by incredibly smart and inspiring people, I kept raising the bar every day and moved from one challenge to another throughout my 25 years of experience, in different capacities. I have never been shy to surround myself with people smarter than me as this makes us stronger as a team and our diversity helps us learn from each other's experiences and be so much better together.

I am now leading A220 Engineering - Avionics, Electrical, EMCS and Cabin Systems.

A220 remains my “dream come true” experience seeing the product evolving from an idea on a piece of a napkin then into PowerPoint slides and now into a real product and even had the pleasure to fly it not only as an employee but as a passenger too. It is a great feeling that only those who have lived it could truly understand.

 At Airbus, I can embrace new challenges, keep learning, and enjoy our collective achievements.


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