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Women at Airbus

Women defining the aerospace industry of today and of tomorrow

At Airbus, we know there is power in diversity. And diversity comes in many forms. Today, across the company, more than 140 nations are represented and over 20 languages spoken. And we all have one common language: a passion to strive for excellence and to deliver on our commitments not only to our customers, but also to the communities in which we operate.

It is proven that well managed diversity in an inclusive environment brings new ways of working and thinking, increased creativity and problem solving and improved social climate and well-being. Our inclusion and diversity mission is a vehicle to reach our business objectives of globalisation, digitalisation, innovation and technical excellence, to name but a few.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day today around the globe we remind ourselves that many men and women at Airbus bring their best self and their unique energy to work every day and live the 'I am different like you' mind-set, because embracing diversity in an inclusive environment is where we all have a sense of belonging and we are respected and valued for our uniqueness.

Take a look at some of the inspiring stories below of the women who are successfully and actively contributing to a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone has a role to play.

Julie Kitcher, Executive Vice President Communications and Corporate Affairs

"At Airbus, our people are our greatest assets.

One of our greatest strengths is our diversity. Our people come from more than 140 countries and, together, we're building an inclusive culture in which people are accepted as individuals and where differences are embraced.

International Women's Day is a valuable opportunity to reflect on the role of women in business and the importance of improving gender diversity across our company. Each of us has a role to play in making Airbus a company with a better gender balance and a culture that is truly inclusive; a culture in which every employee feels at home. After all, it’s as individuals that we pull together as one team in pursuit of a common goal, a stronger Airbus based on innovation, creativity, reliability and teamwork.

Diversity matters: it’s a question of fairness, decency and respect. Diversity will also help to make Airbus a stronger performing business which delivers value to all our stakeholders - and a force for good in the world wherever we operate."

"Until women are represented equally across all industries, our global progress, creativity, and business success will be limited. If we take a look at aerospace, it’s clear that the answer to mastering the challenges of our industry lies in future technologies and innovation. And the brightest innovations and breakthrough technologies come from fulfilled individuals who work in an environment in which they feel they can thrive. At Airbus, creating the most inclusive and diverse workplace possible not only anchors us in this effort, but is a clear path to how we need to shape the future of work in our industry."

Women at Airbus


Enkhjargal, Japan

Nicole, Australia

Miao Ling, Singapore

Anubha, India

Hazirah, Malaysia

Vibha, India

Gayathri, India

Melanie, Philippines

Shuang, China

Rong, China

Samantha, UK

Katherine, UK

Susan, France

Maylis, France

Jacqueline, UK

Georgie, UK

Sara, Spain

Anne, France

Silke, Germany

Lucy, UK

Sabine, Germany

Aurelie, France

Fani, Spain

Nelly, France

Roser, France

Rachel, France

Elizabeth, UK

Hania, UAE

Simone, UK

Aida, Chile

Krista, Canada

Esther, US

Sabrina, Brazil

Sofía, Argentina

Ana, Chile

Macarena, US

Helene, Canada

Florentina, Canada

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