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Airbus Foundation

Airbus Foundation

Who we are and what we do

Airbus Foundation is at the heart of Airbus, committed to bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company to help address the challenges of today's society. We support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders and inspire the next generation as they prepare to embrace their future.

Did you know?

There were 72 relief flights facilitated by Airbus Foundation since 2008

Airbus Foundation

Airbus’ wide-ranging support in the global fight against COVID-19 is highlighted in this photo montage, which shows activities involving the company’s commercial aircraft, military transports and helicopters.

Supporting the fight against COVID-19

Airbus rises to the challenge

Crisis response

Crisis response

Supporting international humanitarian organisations

Moon Camp Challenge

Moon Camp Challenge

Join the Moon Camp competition!

Contact us

For general inquiries regarding the Foundation's:

Daniel Werdung

Content Manager & Corporate Media Relations Germany

Latest news

Airbus’ Aeolus satellite supports weather forecasting amid COVID-19


Airbus military aircraft perform life-saving medevac missions during the COVID-19 pandemic

Christoph Zammert: How Airbus is helping frontline helicopter operators in the fight against COVID-19

Airbus unites in the global fight against coronavirus

Airbus and Koniku Inc. embark on disruptive biotechnology solutions for aviation security operations


Airbus develops solution for airlines to use their widebody aircraft for pure cargo operations during the COVID-19 pandemic


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