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Airbus Foundation

Airbus Foundation

Who we are and what we do

Airbus Foundation is at the heart of Airbus, committed to bringing together the products and people of our global aerospace company to help address the challenges of today's society. We support the work of disaster relief and emergency responders and inspire the next generation as they prepare to embrace their future.

Did you know?

There were 72 relief flights facilitated by Airbus Foundation since 2008

Airbus Foundation

A new phase begins at Airbus Foundation

A new phase begins at Airbus Foundation

Newly appointed Chair Julie Kitcher offers her insight on the new strategic direction

Crisis response

Crisis response

Supporting international humanitarian organisations

Moon Camp Challenge

Moon Camp Challenge

Join the Moon Camp competition!

Contact us

For general inquiries regarding the Foundation's:

Daniel Werdung

Content Manager & Corporate Media Relations Germany

Latest news

This plasma purifier is improving access to safe drinking water

Urban air mobility... from the ground up

A new phase begins at Airbus Foundation

The 2021 Moon Camp Challenge starts now


Discovery Space Learning Guides for kids

On the lookout with GFS’s H175s

Latest photos, videos, infographics...

Matagogo School    
Airbus Foundation Humanitarian actions    
Discovery Club Newsletter Signup Teaser No Title 2    
Humanitarian Loading For Lebanon 013    
Humanitarian Loading For Lebanon 007    
Humanitarian Loading For Lebanon 005    
Airbus Foundation Chile 3    
Airbus Foundation Chile 2    
Airbus Foundation Chile 1    
A320neo VivaAerobus Delivery Loading 031    
EVE 2368 A320neo VOLARIS MSN10076 Loading 002    
Discovery Club Learning Guides Stage Image    
Loading of humanitarian goods on an Airbus A330neo test aircraft at Vatry, France    
Loading of humanitarian goods on an Airbus A330neo test aircraft at Vatry, France    
Kenya Floods May 2020    
Airbus Foundation supports Kenya during heavy flooding    
 Transport Mission during the Kenya Floods    
H125 Tropic Air during the Kenya Floods May 2020    
School Mukuru Kwa Reuben Gatato Community    
Warum können Flugzeuge fliegen?      
Flughäfen: das perfekte Zuhause für Flugzeuge      
Sucht euch euren Einsatz am Himmel aus!      
Wie man ein Flugzeug entwirft      
Wie man ein Flugzeug landet      
Drei Arten ein Flugzeug zu lenken      
Einen Hubschrauber zu fliegen ist ganz schön schwer!      
Ballons: Die Ersten am Himmel      
Flugzeuge: zum Schutz unseres Planeten werden sie immer umweltfreundlicher      
Eine Geschichte der menschlichen Flugversuche      
Warum Flugzeugen das Wetter egal ist      
Was euch beim Abenteuer Fliegen erwartet      
Warum Vögel die perfekten Flugmaschinen sind      
Unsichtbare Autobahnen am Himmel      
Womit werden Flugzeuge angetrieben?      
Sitios de interés turístico en la Luna      
Au revoir la Terre, bonjour la Lune!      
Tus traslados diarios en la Luna      
Base lunar llamando a rover - me copias?      

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