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Helicopters History

Helicopters History

1920 to today

In 1922, the Spanish engineer Juan de La Cierva entered the final development stage of an autogyro: an airplane whose wings were replaced by a free-spinning rotor, entirely driven by the speed of the forward propeller.


In early 1948 the SO1100 (Ariel 1) made its free flight.




First Flight on April 15, 1965


September 1, 1992: The NH90 development contract is signed between NAHEMA (NATO Helicopter Management Agency) and NH Industrie, a French company, which is the focal point for the NH90 programme


February 15, 1996: The ceremony for the first official flight of the NH90 took place at the Airbus Helicopters (former Eurocopter) plant in Marignane, France in the presence of military and governmental representatives from France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands (the nations participating in the NH90 Programme)


The first flight of the fourth prototype of the NH90 (PT4) took place at Eurocopter Deutschland's test facility in Ottobrunn near Munich


The first HAP Tiger, delivered to the French Army


The EC225 granted FAA type certification


100,000 flight hours with German Federal Police


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Discover Airbus History through the decades

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