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DAY 21

DAY 21


Skywise connects and coordinates aerospace with the power of data

Each and every commercial aircraft in the skies today gathers information from thousands of data points. The Airbus A350, for instance, has over 250,000 sensors on-board which generate over 10GB of data every single flight hour, reporting on performance, maintenance needs and more. As well as carrying passengers safely from A to B, a modern day aircraft is a computer in the sky.

And if all of this information – as well as the streams of data available to airlines, airports, manufacturers and suppliers – can be brought together, it carries the key to revolutionising the industry.

“About $40 billion is spent on delays in the United States, and thousands of flights every day are late,” says Matt Evans, Head of Skywise & Analytics Accelerator at Airbus. “It’s because airlines, airports, and their partners don’t have access to certain data that would help them anticipate and resolve issues before a plane takes off or lands late.”

So in June 2017, when Airbus launched Skywise, a platform capable of pooling and analysing data from across the aviation ecosystem, it was the start of something big.

Skywise identifies patterns, makes predictions, and suggests actions to improve how airlines run, ultimately improving how passengers experience air travel.

As Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet, enthuses, “It will transform the way that we maintain and operate our aircraft, with the long term aim of eliminating delays due to technical faults.”

In fact, easyJet is already feeling the benefits. Skywise is helping the airline’s engineers to intervene early to replace parts before they start showing signs of failure.

With advanced analytics, Skywise helps operators to gain new insights from their own data, but also access and learn from the cumulative knowledge of 20,000 Airbus engineers who have tracked the performance of each aircraft that is feeding data into Skywise.

Being able to predict and schedule maintenance before planes are grounded prevents passengers from experiencing delays and cancellations, and enables more flights to operate on schedule.

Over 60 airlines already use Skywise, and Airbus aims to connect 100 airlines and approximately 10,000 aircraft by the end of 2019. In the near future, Skywise will also become available for Airbus helicopters and other product operators too.

As the platform grows, countless more opportunities and applications are emerging, and this is incredibly exciting for the future of the industry.

“Our investment in the Skywise platform can really make a tangible difference for thousands of passengers by harnessing the power of big data to reduce delays.”

Johan Lundgren, CEO of easyJet.

“We can take some of the biggest problems in our industry — grounded aircraft, production rates, and operational delays — and use advanced analytics to help solve them.”

Matt Evans, Head of Skywise & Analytics Accelerator at Airbus.



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