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Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon

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The next pioneers on the moon

Before we head to Mars or another faraway planet, humans must first learn how to survive in space. There’s radiation, extreme temperatures, no air to breathe and meteorites falling from the sky! How do we deal with that? The best way to find out is to set up a community on the moon to explore and learn. Help us take a giant leap for mankind by joining our challenge and submitting your designs to Autodesk!

Design your spacecraft to fly to the moon

Design your spacecraft to fly to the moon

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Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Introduction


Fly me to the moon

How do you get to the moon? By rocket, of course. But how do you construct it so it can break through the Earth’s atmosphere? How can you wrangle it into a trajectory to your destination? Build each of your rocket’s components and customise your work. Then think about how far you need to go – and how you’ll land when you get there!

How to design your rocket on Fusion 360

Architect to the Stars

Your home away from Earth has to have a lot more than a place to eat and sleep – it’s the only structure on the moon! How and where do you even build it? Customise, name and expand your pioneering settlement, and ask yourself: how will these housing pods answer the needs of your Moon community?

Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Best place to live on the moon      
Discoveryspace Moon Architecture      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space What materials to build your home on the moon      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Powering the moon      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Meteors on the moon      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Radiation on the moon      

Moon Life 101

With no atmosphere and no air on the moon, you’ll need a breathing apparatus to get around. Though houseplants and algae could generate enough oxygen inside your moon pod, outside, you’re still on your own. Complete the technical construction and get creative: how will you carry this important piece of equipment with you? 

Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Waste management on the moon      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Food on the moon      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Air on the moon      
Airbus Foundation Discovery Space Water on the moon      

Lunar road trip

The bumpy and unpredictable terrain of the moon’s surface necessitates rugged vehicles for commuting, cargo transport and exploration - and helper robots will need sturdy construction, too! Design your own Moon Ranger and purpose-build it for any mission you can imagine! 

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Moon Challenge

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