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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Executive and Operational Committees

Corporate Governance

Board and Board Committees

Executive and Operational Committees

Shareholders' Meetings

Enterprise Risk Management

Governance Framework and Documents

Airbus' Corporate Governance ensures that Airbus is managed according to our Regulating Laws and Articles of Association, and evolves in order to match our growth ambitions, meet our obligations and reach the goals we set ourselves. Airbus' top-level governing body is the Board of Directors. Responsible for the management of Airbus it delegates the day-to-day management to the CEO who fulfills this task with the support of the Executive Committee. Our Governance strives to be a transparent body, matching the expectations of the Company’s shareholders throughout the world. The following sections will give you more information about our Governance structure, rules and regulations, and information on Shareholders’ Meetings.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supports the Chief Executive Officer in his duty of managing the day-to-day operations of Airbus’ business. It is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and comprises the Heads of the major Functions and Divisions.

Executive Committee's responsibilities and powers

At the Executive Committee meetings, the following matters, among others, are discussed:

  • Appointment by the Heads of Airbus Divisions and functions of their management teams;
  • Major investments;
  • Settling up and control of the implementation of the strategy for Airbus’ businesses;
  • Airbus policy matters and management and organisational structure of the business;
  • Performance level of the Company’s businesses and support functions;
  • All business issues, including the operational plan of Airbus and its Divisions and Business Units.

The CEO endeavours to reach consensus among the members of the Executive Committee. In the event a consensus is not reached, the Chief Executive Officer is entitled to decide the matter.

The CEO proposes all of the Members of the Executive Committee for approval by the Board of Directors, after consultation with (a) the Chairman of the Remuneration, Nomination and Governance Committee and (b) the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Members of the Executive Committee and Top Management

(as of 1 August 2020)

Guillaume Faury Chief Executive Officer 
Dominik Asam Chief Financial Officer
Thierry Baril Chief Human Resources Officer
Jean-Brice Dumont Executive Vice President Engineering
Bruno Even Chief Executive Officer Airbus Helicopters
John Harrison General Counsel 
Dirk Hoke Chief Executive Officer Airbus Defence and Space
Julie Kitcher Executive Vice President Communications and Corporate Affairs
Philippe Mhun Executive Vice President Programmes and Services
Christian Scherer Chief Commercial Officer
Michael Schoellhorn Chief Operating Officer
Grazia Vittadini Chief Technology Officer 
Antoine Bouvier  Head of Strategy, Mergers & Acquisitions and Public Affairs
C. Jeffrey Knittel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Airbus Americas
George Xu Chief Executive Officer Airbus China 

Members of the Helicopters Executive Committee

(as of 1 March 2020)

Bruno Even Chief Executive Officer 
Ben Bridge Executive Vice President Global Business
Michel Farssac Executive Vice President Human Resources
Alain Flourens Executive Vice President Operations
Thomas Hundt Executive Vice President Finance
Matthieu Louvot Executive Vice President Airbus Helicopters Programmes
Mathilde Royer-Germain Digital Transformation Officer & Head of Company Transformation
Wolfgang Schoder Executive Vice President Strategy and General Manager of Airbus Helicopters Germany
Stefan Thomé Executive Vice President Engineering and Chief
Technical Officer
Bernhard Weigl Executive Vice President Aviation Safety and Quality
Christoph Zammert Executive Vice President Customer Support & Services

Members of the Defence and Space Executive Committee

(as of 1 May 2020)

Dirk Hoke Chief Executive Officer 
Barbara Bergmeier Head of Operations
Bernhard Brenner
Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales
Evert Dudok Executive Vice President Connected Intelligence
Dirk Erat
SVP/Head of Communications
Alberto Gutiérrez Head of Military Aircraft and Head of Airbus Spain 
Lars Immisch
Executive Vice President Human Resources
Chantal Jonscher
Head of Corporate Secretary 
Sabine Klauke Head of Engineering
Jean-Marc Nasr Executive Vice President Space Systems
Antoine Noguier
Head of Strategy
Andreas Riecker
General Counsel, Head of Legal & Compliance
Jana Rosenmann
Head of the Unmanned Aerial Systems Programme
Line & Civil and Military UAS Programmes
Xavier Tardy Executive Vice President Finance
Julian Whitehead Executive Vice President Global Business and Strategic Programmes 
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