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Partnering with the humanitarian community

Partnering with the humanitarian community

Supporting emergency responders

Our goal is to support the international aid organisations in regions where we operate and beyond. We bring our products and resources, from relief flights to satellite imagery and helicopter hours, to emergency responders to help alleviate some of the world's most pressing challenges. 


Angel Flight

During the very first hours of a crisis, helicopters are able to make a very strong difference and enable a swift response. Their flexibility and ability to quickly be mobilised allows to save lives and safely carry passengers in demanding environment, as well as support ground rescuers to assess emergency situations. Over 345 flight hours have been granted to emergency responders in over 10 countries. Moreover, about 700 doctors and rescuers were trained in 15 countries, enabling them to operate our helicopters to ensure the development of Emergency Medical Services around the world.


Commercial Aircraft

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Airbus Foundation has a global network of airlines and relief organisations to support humanitarian causes. Through the Airbus Foundation Humanitarian Flight Programme, the Foundation offers a service to Airbus customers to use the delivery of their new aircraft and contribute to humanitarian efforts. 

By doing so, the programme helps the humanitarian community reduce its high logistics costs by delivering medical and school supplies, food, water sanitation equipment, toys, clothing and emergency response units, (e.g. kitchen sets, logistics and medical personnel, household kits) to the most vulnerable all around the world. The programme also utilizes, where possible, Airbus test aircrafts for such missions

Airbus Foundation works hand in hand with local NGOs and airline customers in order to transport goods utilising what would otherwise be an empty fight. Whether it is a country hit by a disaster, an under-equipped school in Africa or a hospital in Asia, the Foundation’s role is to link an NGO with an Airbus customer and send the necessary supplies to the destination in need.

Since 2008, the Airbus Foundation has facilitated the delivery of 650 tons of aid materials to 6 regions on 48 humanitarian flights.

If you are an airline and are interested to take part in the Airbus Foundation relief flights programme, please contact the Foundation at

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Airbus Foundation relief flights in 2016 and 2015

Haiti, October 2016

On 11 October, the Airbus Foundation, in collaboration with Action Against Hunger (ACF), used an Airbus A330 test aircraft to transport approximately 20 tonnes of humanitarian aid collected by ACF to Port-au-Prince in Haiti. The goods included water sanitation equipment, stocks of drinking water, household kits and family hygiene packs.

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Hanoi, December 2015

Airbus Foundation used the delivery of Vietnam Airlines’ fourth A350 XWB to transport a selection of toys, games and books from Toulouse to the Hanoi Heart Hospital in Vietnam. The gifts come from a collection organised by Aviation Sans Frontières in France and from donations raised through the “Give for Kids” programme, an Airbus employee initiative for Toulouse-based Airbus and Airbus employees.

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Nepal, April 2015

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal on April 25, the worst in more than 80 years. The Airbus Foundation coordinated with the French Government’s Crisis Centre to transport 50 humanitarian staff, 21 tonnes of food and medical aid from Paris to Kathmandu onboard an Airbus A350 XWB test aircraft.

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Philippines, March 2015

The Airbus Foundation and Aviation Sans Frontières have transported clothing and medical supplies to Manila from Toulouse aboard the delivery flight of Cebu Air’s latest A330-300 aircraft. The 2.4 tonnes of delivered goods include new clothes and shoes for children, toys, school supplies, blankets and medical supplies, much needed in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

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Malawi, February 2015

When Cyclone Bansi hit Malawi in mid-January, floods left hundreds dead, over 120,000 individuals homeless and crops devastated. The Airbus Foundation, in collaboration with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) used an Airbus A330 test aircraft to transport 33 tonnes of equipment (some, 3,000 kitchen sets, 9,000 mosquito nets and 4,000 tarpaulins) from Las Palmas, Spain to Lilongwe, Malawi.

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Chile, April 2015

An H125 rotorcraft chartered by the Airbus Helicopters Foundation joined rescue activity in Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert region, where the heaviest rainfall in 80 years caused massive flooding and landslides. This rotorcraft transported search and rescue personnel and was also available for flights to locate those trapped or isolated by the natural disaster.

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Vanuatu, April 2015

The Airbus Helicopters Foundation in coordination with French Foreign Affairs Ministry Crisis Center joined forces to distribute medical supplies, food and other humanitarian aid to the communities affected by Tropical Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, some 1,7500 km east of Australia.

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Satellite imagery


Since the Foundation's establishment as a company wide entity, we have been providing satellite imagery to support the assessment of the humanitarian sector for major natural disasters and crises worldwide.

Thanks to satellite images and their analysis, emergency responders and disaster relief organisations are able to map out areas that might be difficult of access, asses how severe the damage is and coordinate the actions of their staff, both on the ground and in the air.  

In August 2017, we opened a dedicated satellite portal, providing free of charge access to satellite imagery to selected partners with whom we have entered into partnerships.


Our activities in Haiti and Nepal exemplify how the coordination of the company wide resources under the Airbus Foundation and the partnership with the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement can have profound effects.

Contributions from all businesses helped the Foundation’s relief efforts following the refugee crisis in South Sudan (flight to Uganda in March 2017), hurricane Matthew in Haiti (October 2016) and the 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal (April 2015).

Airbus organised relief flights with delivery aircraft,Airbus Helicopters provided helicopter-based solutions to affected areas, and Airbus Defence and Space used satellite imagery to help assess the extent of the damage.

Empowering our employees

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The Airbus Foundation Biodiversity Programme is a transnational initiative that engages employees in biodiversity conservation, in India. Since 2010, teams of Airbus’ employees have travelled to this country, living together for periods of a few weeks in remote locations in southern India, constructing biogas plants with tribal communities. 

The biogas plants decrease the need for firewood being taken from protected forest areas. Not only does biogas generate much-needed energy for these villages, it also generates income: families sell the milk and fertiliser produced by the cows integral to the plant’s success.

Since 2015, the Biodiversity Programme focuses on Airbus employees based in India, in partnership with the Centre for Environment Education  – supported by the Ministry of Environment and Forests of India –  and the Centre for Tribals and Rural Development Trust, an NGO in the State of Tamil Nadu.

Employees making a difference

The company's support to victims of conflicts and natural disasters does not end there: internal fundraising campaigns are also organised to support IFRC actions.

In the last few years, Airbus employees have donated hundreds of thousands of Euros to Red Cross national societies in support of Syrian and Iraqi refugees, the fight against Ebola, and earthquake relief efforts in Nepal. In some cases, these generous donations have even been matched by the Foundation.

Airbus Foundation

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Partnering with the humanitarian community

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